How to Defeat Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom

In “Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom,” the epic showdown between Link and Ganondorf is once again at the heart of the story. It’s a confrontation as timeless as the Zelda series itself. Since its inception, fans have come to expect a climactic battle against this formidable foe in each iteration. Tears of the Kingdom stays true to this tradition, anchoring its final moments in the pivotal “Destroy Ganondorf” quest.

ganondorf tears of the kingdom

Yet, what sets this battle apart from its predecessors is the inclusion of the gloom mechanic—a new, challenging twist. This mechanic alters the dynamics by affecting your maximum health and hindering your ability to recover. The stakes are higher than ever. Without proper preparation and strategy, many players will find their aspirations of rescuing Zelda shattered. It’s not just about sheer combat skill; understanding the nuances of this new mechanic is vital to securing victory.

Our guide delves deep into this challenging confrontation. Not only will it equip you with the knowledge to tackle Demon King Ganondorf, but it will also guide you step-by-step through the ultimate showdown against the Demon Dragon. For all who tread the lands of Hyrule, this guide is your companion, ensuring you rise triumphant against the darkness. Victory for Hyrule beckons!

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As you approach the climax of the game, the stakes are at their highest. This section is the embodiment of the challenge. Some players might rush into this confrontation right after arriving in Hyrule. But that hasty choice can prove to be a grueling test of your skills. To better your chances, investing time in restoring Link to its peak is vital. Here are some essential steps to ensure a smoother battle against TOTK Ganondorf.

  1. Don’t Rush: While the allure of facing Ganondorf immediately upon reaching Hyrule is tempting, it’s advisable to hold off. The immediate challenge might leave you overwhelmed.
  2. Strengthen Link: Dedicate time to enhancing Link’s abilities and strengths. The stronger he is, the better equipped you’ll be for the battle ahead.
  3. Equip Strategically: Ensure you’re not just relying on your current inventory. Gather powerful weapons, shields, and magical items that will give you an advantage.
  4. Study Ganondorf’s Patterns: Before diving into the showdown, try to familiarize yourself with Ganondorf’s attack patterns. Knowledge of his moves can be the difference between victory and defeat.
  5. Seek Expertise: If possible, engage with other players or communities who have faced Ganondorf. Their insights and tips might offer you some unexpected strategies.
  6. Replenish Resources: Make sure to stock up on health potions, magic elixirs, and other consumables. You’ll need plenty during the intense phases of the fight.

Remember, in this epic journey, preparation is your ally. By dedicating the necessary time and effort, you ensure not only a fighting chance against Ganondorf but also a memorable gaming experience. As you stand on the brink of this ultimate showdown, be methodical, be strategic, and most importantly, be ready.


The game’s climax is here, and it promises a tough challenge. Rushing straight into battle upon arriving in Hyrule is possible but not recommended. Taking time to strengthen Link is beneficial. Here are some essential steps to ensure a smoother battle experience.


As Link readies himself for the ultimate showdown in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” the rings adorning his hand are symbolic of the five sages’ power. It’s crucial to understand their significance.


Begin your quest by venturing into the four renowned temples: the Wind Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple, and Lightning Temple. In each of these sacred places, you’ll encounter and recruit a Sage to stand beside you. Successfully assembling this quartet of sages unlocks the path to the fifth sage. Without a doubt, you’ll want to bring this sage into the fold too.

It’s worth noting the gravity of bypassing this essential step. Neglecting to rally all sages comes with potential repercussions. Here’s why:

  1. Support in Battle: Every sage you rally to your side will accompany you in the climactic battle. Their unique abilities and collective strength can be the very edge you need against formidable foes.
  2. Temple Guardians: Each temple isn’t just a simple journey. A formidable boss protects the heart of each temple. These adversaries, if left undefeated, will not simply vanish into obscurity. Instead, they’ll rear their heads during your final confrontation, intensifying the challenge manifold.
  3. Strategic Advantage: Imagine tackling not just the main antagonist but an additional five powerful bosses simultaneously, without the respite to heal or recalibrate strategies. It’s a scenario best avoided.

ganondorf tears of the kingdom: ALL FIVE SAGES

In summary, preparation is paramount. Engage with each temple, enlist all the sages, and ensure you’ve cleared any lingering threats. This diligence not only strengthens your odds in the imminent battle but also enriches your journey through “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

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In the mesmerizing backdrop of a sunset within “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” there lies a weapon of unparalleled power: the Master Sword. It’s not just any sword; it’s the very embodiment of legend and lore.

Picture this: An iconic blade, shimmering and radiant, standing out prominently against the dimming hues of the horizon. Such is the visual grandeur of the Master Sword, an artifact immortalized in countless tales throughout the kingdom’s history.


But why is the Master Sword so coveted? Dubbed the ‘Sword that Seals the Darkness,’ it carries a legacy of thwarting evil and restoring balance. This isn’t merely a tool for combat; it’s a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.

If you’ve journeyed through “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” and have yet to come across this legendary blade, it’s imperative you redirect your quest to seek it out. This isn’t about mere possession; it’s about aligning with a legacy that has, time and again, proven its mettle against forces that threaten the very fabric of the kingdom.

In a world brimming with challenges and adversaries, the Master Sword is more than just an edge in battle. It’s a beacon, a testament to the indomitable spirit of heroes past and the promise of victories to come.

In conclusion, if the Master Sword remains elusive in your adventure thus far, make it a priority. Seek it, wield it, and become a part of the legend that has shaped the destiny of Hyrule for generations. Remember, in the right hands, this isn’t just a sword; it’s the key to a legacy.

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While the Master Sword stands tall as a beacon of power and hope, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations. Yes, it possesses an incredible self-healing ability, rejuvenating itself every 10 minutes. But let’s be clear – it’s not invincible. In the heat of intense battles, especially when you’re pitted against a swarm of formidable foes, the Master Sword could potentially falter during its initial phases.

Diversifying your armory is prudent. Maximize the capacity of your inventory by collecting a range of formidable weapons. It’s advisable to have at least one weapon infused with elemental powers, specifically fire or lightning. Why, you ask? Because the existence of the Gibdos in the game’s realm demands it. And while your Sage of Lightning will be immersed in her missions, relying solely on her won’t be strategic.

The spoils from defeating a Gleeok, particularly the materials, are of immense value. When these materials are fused to a weapon, it elevates its potential exponentially, giving you an edge in the face of adversity.

For those with a penchant for long-range combat, don’t neglect the importance of stocking up on elemental ammunition. Ensure you’re well-equipped with a generous supply of fire fruit and shock fruit. These aren’t mere consumables but vital resources that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

In essence, while the allure of the Master Sword is undeniable, strategic gameplay demands backup. Expand your arsenal, harness the power of elemental infusions, and brace yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. After all, in the treacherous terrains of “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” being prepared is half the battle won.

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In “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” Link is spotted donning the elegant Wind Armor. The game offers an array of armor choices, tailored to cater to varying combat strategies and preferences. When gearing up for the climactic confrontation, it’s critical to prioritize protection that also complements your offensive tactics.


Consider the Wind Armor and the Hero Armor, for instance. Both these armor sets are not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. They come with an invaluable “Attack Up” set bonus, fortifying Link with both defense and offense. What’s more, these sets can ramp up to an impressive 60 defense points. Such high defensive ratings become crucial, particularly when navigating the treacherous gloom-filled terrains. The idea is simple: the less damage you sustain, the fewer blight challenges you’ll encounter, optimizing your chances for success.

And then, there’s an element of nostalgia and pride. Triumphing over adversaries while adorned in Link’s iconic green tunic is not just about game strategy; it’s also about cherishing the legacy. The sense of accomplishment derived from emerging victorious in such a classic ensemble adds a layer of emotional resonance to the entire experience.

To sum it up, while “Tears of the Kingdom” offers a plethora of armor options, selecting the right set can make a world of difference. A well-chosen armor not only shields Link from harm but also amplifies his combat capabilities. So, as you prepare for the final showdown, ensure that Link is both well-armored and reminiscent of the legend he embodies.

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Health management stands as a pivotal component in the “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” journey, particularly when confronting the malicious blight that tends to incapacitate your hearts.

Start by whipping up a variety of sundelion-infused dishes. The potency of sundelions cannot be understated; a single sundelion, when cooked, rejuvenates Link with three hearts. Imagine the resurgence of vitality you’d gain by using five sundelions in one meal – a whopping 15 hearts restored!


In a gameplay snapshot, we observe Link proudly displaying an array of sunny fried wild greens, underscoring the importance of this nutritious meal. Strategize your cooking based on your health needs. For instance, if Link’s heart capacity caps at nine, it’s prudent to use just two sundelions per dish. However, for those boasting a heart capacity beyond twelve, diversify your meals to offer restorations of nine, 12, or even 15 hearts.

But don’t stop there. Experiment with recipes that not only replenish a substantial amount of hearts but also bless Link with additional temporary yellow hearts. These auxiliary hearts can be game-changers, offering a buffer against unanticipated damages.

For those aiming to optimize their culinary endeavors, a pro tip would be to align your cooking sprees with the eerie ambiance of a Blood Moon. Such alignment can potentially yield enhanced benefits and fortify Link for the challenges that lie ahead.

In essence, as you traverse the enchanting landscapes of “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” the kitchen becomes an indispensable arsenal. Use sundelions wisely, diversify your dishes, and ensure Link is always brimming with vitality, ready to face the looming threats.

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A Travel Medallion’s teleportation effect springs into motion.

Ever found yourself deep into a challenge and wished for a quick exit without losing your progress? In your approach towards the epic showdown with Ganondorf, the Travel Medallion can be that escape hatch.


Navigating your way to the final confrontation chamber is no short journey. As you traverse, there might come a moment when a sinking realization hits: you’re running low on arrows, depleting food supplies, or are short of another vital resource. Here’s where the Travel Medallion proves its worth. This nifty item acts as a checkpoint mechanism. It lets you mark your current location, allowing you to momentarily retreat, replenish your supplies, and then warp back to the exact spot without losing any progress.

At the onset, you might exude confidence, believing your preparations are impeccable. Yet, as the saying goes, “Expect the unexpected.” Mid-battle, you could suddenly discern gaps in your strategy, or recognize the pressing need for additional heart containers or other essential items.

Thus, a Travel Medallion not only offers a safety net but encourages strategic gameplay. It instills a reassurance that, should things go south or you find yourself ill-equipped, there’s a chance for recalibration. The journey to Ganon Tears of the Kingdom is fraught with unpredictability, and the medallion’s presence in your inventory is a testament to a player’s foresight. In a world of uncertainties, always err on the side of over-preparation.

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The moment has arrived. The path to confrontation with the Demon King Ganondorf TOTK lies before us.

As the final encounter unfolds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we witness a chilling scene: a lifeless form reanimates itself, setting the stage for the ultimate face-off with Demon King Ganondorf.

In the world of video games, certain unspoken rules exist. One such cardinal rule emphasizes the power of three. Mirroring this principle, our journey to defeat Ganon is segmented into distinct phases. Mastery of each stage is essential to achieve the final victory.

As the intensity peaks, a cinematic sequence interjects. For those players who have secured the legendary Master Sword, the scene showcases Link instinctively arming himself with this iconic weapon. The blade’s reputation precedes it, and having it by your side is pivotal in the looming clash with Tears of the Kingdom Ganondorf. This trusty sword could be the very edge needed to tilt the balance of power.

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In the inaugural stage of the final showdown, Link goes head-to-head with Ganon, who stands before him in his most human form. Every strike Ganon delivers inflicts the debilitating gloom damage. Dodging is crucial here; every missed move can cost you. For those equipped with the Depths Armor, its enhanced abilities, especially when upgraded for gloom attack resistance, prove invaluable.


Link and Ganondorf lock eyes, the tension palpable, setting the scene for the epic duel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The strategy remains reminiscent of battles with Phantom Ganon. When close, Ganondorf aims to slice with his sword, but at a distance, he rushes towards you with intent. Precision is essential. Targeting his head and executing Flurry Rush counters can turn the tide in your favor.

In this heated moment, Zelda TOTK Ganondorf reveals a trick up his sleeve: the ability to swap weapons mid-battle. Recognizing his weapon of choice is vital. If he wields a spear, brace yourself for rapid jabs. Holding a club? Expect heavy, overhead blows.

Ganondorf, in his agility, isn’t just on the offense; he adeptly dodges and counters, occasionally entering a bullet-time state. If caught in this slowed timeframe, anticipate his retaliatory strike. Successful evasion gives Link the upper hand, allowing for a swift Flurry Rush counter.

It’s a test of endurance and skill. By maintaining composure and timing each dodge accurately, you can chip away at his defenses and deplete his health bar.

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The duel’s intensity escalates as you venture into the second round against Demon King TOTK Ganondorf, which unfurls in two distinct segments.


Part One

Behold, Ganondorf’s transformation into a being of unmatched audacity. After delivering a dark, theatrical monologue, his health bar stretches to an almost laughable extent. Mockingly, he suggests that this time, he seeks more than just your arm.

An exaggerated health bar paints the screen, dwarfing Ganondorf, signaling a heightened challenge in the heart of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom universe.

Yet, this isn’t the pinnacle of his power.

While his sudden increase in size, might, and ferocity is evident, an unexpected twist arises: phantom duplicates. These eerie replicas, summoned by Ganondorf, threaten to overwhelm you. However, the odds seem to be tilted in his favor — perhaps he should’ve been more versed in Discworld’s tales to foresee his impending doom.

As Link confronts the multiple versions of Ganondorf, an ally emerges. Your Sage companions re-enter the scene, stage by stage, diverting the attention of the phantom adversaries. With their assistance, your focus remains undeterred: battling the primary antagonist.

Yet, Ganondorf unveils a fresh strategy. Wielding a colossal two-handed sword, he presents a novel challenge. A tell-tale sign of his new onslaught is the appearance of an updraft. Your response should be immediate: deploy your paraglider to sidestep the devastating Gloom blow. Once Ganondorf’s strike ends, it’s your turn. Launch an aerial assault and then continue your offensive with the Master Sword.

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Part Two

Upon depleting Ganondorf’s health to the halfway point, the dynamics of the battle take a dramatic turn. He absorbs the essence of his phantom minions, nullifying your allies with a fierce gust, leaving you in a lone confrontation. His confidence swells, and his taunting demeanor is reminiscent of the likes of Morpheus.

As Ganondorf stands menacingly, the weight of the challenge ahead is palpable.

Not one to be predictable, Ganondorf introduces two new offensive maneuvers into his repertoire. First, there are the Gloom arrows. While intimidating, a swift run can help Link avoid their trajectory. Far more daunting, however, are the orbs that possess the power to permanently erase hearts from Link’s health bar. These orbs represent a lethal threat; evading them is paramount.

With a cloak of these ominous orbs, Ganondorf’s intent to overwhelm Link is evident.

But there’s another layer to his heightened assault — his speed. Ganondorf now moves with increased agility and vigor. Nevertheless, the core strategy remains unchanged. His attacks, although swifter, still come with recognizable signs. By staying vigilant, Link can spot these cues, skillfully blocking and dodging them. And in those perfect moments when Ganondorf’s defenses falter, seizing the opportunity for a Flurry Rush can tip the scales in Link’s favor.

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Skyward Battle Initiation

Tears of the Kingdom Ganon, ever unpredictable, shatters conventional game rules. As a cinematic narrative unfolds, you’re seamlessly transported atop the Light Dragon, prepped for the grand duel against Ganon’s formidable avatar, the Demon Dragon TOTK.

Health Regeneration and Strategy

Here’s a silver lining: any hearts abducted by treacherous orbs are now reinstated, and the gloom-blanketed hearts rejuvenate. If health seems to dwindle, a brief meal can bolster it. But even if restoration resources are sparse, take heart; many players deem this part least daunting. Your task mirrors an epic, movie-like aerial confrontation.

Targeting the Ghoulish Growths

Your primary objective is clear-cut: decimate the eerie glowing nodes on his spine. You’re presented with a choice: the allure of ranged attacks, where arrows are loosed mid-descent for the bullet time effect, or the thrill of close combat, diving onto the Demon Dragon to target its alien eyes. A fall isn’t the end; the ever-vigilant Light Dragon ensures your safety.

Tactical Combat

Long-range assaults, while tempting, often prove ineffective unless you possess the formidable Zoanite bow. A braver approach beckons: leap from your dragon ally, targeting the Demon Dragon’s luminescent weak points. Brace yourself for its retaliatory orb barrages, but with the Glide Armor, you’re better poised to evade.

The Eyes Have It

Secure your footing on the beast’s spine, and hone in on the grotesque ocular entity. Upon its destruction, retreat promptly. Should the dragon oust you, some damage is imminent. And for those who relish Easter eggs: Link’s static, pained expression in the absence of controller input is a humorous touch.

Orb Assault and The Blood Moon

Persist in your mission, targeting all four eye regions. But after the third, anticipate a vicious assault from the Demon Dragon’s gaping maw. Once you conquer these ocular challenges, the Demon Dragon invokes its famed Blood Moon, unveiling a mystic gem upon its forehead. This final task is reminiscent of your Master Sword quest, but now, your blows target this newly-exposed gem.

Victory and Peace

Dodge its relentless gloom volleys, secure your ground and unleash a flurry on the gemstone. With the Master Sword’s might, triumph edges closer.

And then, as tranquility envelopes Hyrule, bask in the cinematic glory. This is a victory well-earned.

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In “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” facing Ganondorf is no small feat, but with the right preparation and strategy, victory is within reach. This guide provides players with the tools they need to overcome the final showdown and restore peace to Hyrule. Whether a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer to the series, every player can benefit from these tips to conquer the game’s ultimate antagonist.

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1. What is the gloom mechanic in the final fight with Ganondorf?

The gloom mechanic affects your maximum health and your ability to heal. This makes the final fight with Ganondorf particularly challenging in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

2. Do I need to get all five Sages on my team for the final boss fight?

While you can technically proceed without them, it’s highly recommended to have all five Sages on your team. They assist in the battle, and not having them could result in additional boss fights.

3. Is the Master Sword necessary for the Ganondorf battle?

It’s strongly advised to acquire the Master Sword, known as the “Sword that Seals the Darkness,” before the final confrontation.

4. How important is armor in the final battle against Ganondorf?

Armor sets like the Wind Armor and Hero Armor are crucial as they offer high defense and increase your offense, helping mitigate the effects of the gloom mechanic.

5. How does the sundelion ingredient help during the fight?

Sundelions are vital for health management. Cooking with them can restore up to 15 hearts, which is particularly beneficial given the gloom mechanic’s effects on your health.

6. Why might I need a Travel Medallion for the final battle?

The Travel Medallion acts as a backup, allowing you to “save” your progress en route to Ganondorf. It’s especially useful if you find yourself lacking resources during the battle and need to return without losing progress.

7. How many stages are there in the final boss fight against Ganondorf?

The final boss fight comprises three main stages: Demon King Ganondorf (human form), Demon King Ganondorf (transformed), and the Demon Dragon.

8. What should I be cautious of in the second stage of the Ganondorf fight?

In this stage, Ganondorf becomes larger and recruits phantom copies to help. He also introduces new attacks, including one with a large two-handed sword that produces an updraft. Utilizing the paraglider to avoid the attack is essential.

9. How do I defeat the Demon Dragon in the final stage?

The key is to target the glowing clusters on the dragon’s back. You can use ranged attacks or melee attacks, with the latter being more effective. Destroy all the eyepits while avoiding the orbs the Demon Dragon shoots to proceed.

10. Is there any special equipment recommended for the final fight?

Master Sword, high-defense armor like Wind Armor or Hero Armor, sundelions for cooking, and decent weapons are all vital for the final confrontation.

If you have any queries, please leave your questions in the comments section, and our team or the community will be happy to assist you!

Happy Gaming!!!

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