How to Change Your Email on Instagram

Ah, Instagram. Our daily scroll through sunsets, selfies, and sumptuous suppers. It’s where we share our moments, connect with friends, and, let’s be honest, do a bit of snooping around. But what happens when the email linked to your Instagram needs a switcheroo? Maybe your old email got hacked, you’ve outgrown it, or it was never really yours to begin with. Whatever the reason, changing your email on Instagram can seem daunting. Fear not! I’m here to guide you through it, step by step, sharing my journey along the way.How to Change Your Email on Instagram

How to Change Your Instagram Email

The Importance of Staying Updated

Let’s start with the why. Keeping your contact information up-to-date on any social media platform is crucial for security, password recovery, and not missing out on important updates. I learned this the hard way when I missed an opportunity simply because the notification went to an old email I rarely checked. Don’t be like me!

Preparing to Make the Change

Before diving into the steps, ensure you have access to both your current email (if possible) and the new email you wish to link to your Instagram account. This preparation makes the transition smoother and avoids any “oops” moments mid-process.Change Instagram email

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Changing Your Email via the Instagram App

Accessing Your Account Settings

  1. Tap the Profile Icon: Start by tapping your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Enter Settings: Tap the three lines in the top right, then select ‘Settings’—a magical portal to all things account-related.

confirm change email Instagram

Updating Your Email

  1. Personal Information: Tap ‘Account’ followed by ‘Personal Information.’ Here’s where Instagram keeps your digital identity tidbits.
  2. Change Your Email: Tap the ‘Email’ field. Delete your old email (a moment of silence for the old guard) and type in your new one. Tap ‘Done’ or the tick mark, and voila!

edit insta profile

A Quick Note: Instagram might ask for confirmation. A code or a link will be sent to your new email. Follow the instructions, and you’re golden.

If by any chance the confirmation email plays hide and seek, check your spam folder or reach out to Instagram support. They’re the unsung heroes ready to assist.

Switching Your Email via Web Browser

Perhaps you’re more a laptop warrior than a smartphone sorcerer. Fear not; changing your email from a web browser is just as simple.

  1. Visit Instagram on the Web: Head to Instagram’s website and log in.
  2. Profile and Edit: Click your profile icon, then ‘Profile,’ followed by ‘Edit Profile.’
  3. The Email Swap: Find the ‘Email’ field, make the swap, and click ‘Submit.’ It’s like sending a letter, but faster.

Just like the app process, you’ll need to confirm the change through an email link. Click it, and the transformation is complete.

When You Can’t Log In

Here’s where it gets a bit James Bond. If you’re locked out of your account because you can’t access your old email or phone number, Instagram has a stealthy way to recover your account.

  1. Get Help Logging In: On the login page, tap ‘Forgot password?’ or ‘Get help logging in.’
  2. The Recovery Process: Follow the prompts, choose ‘Can’t access this email or phone number,’ and Instagram will guide you through the recovery. This might include verifying your identity, so be prepared to take a selfie video. Yes, really.

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Updating Your Instagram Bio Email

For the influencers, businesses, or anyone showcasing an email in their bio, don’t forget to update this too. It’s a simple switch in your bio settings, but it ensures your audience can always reach you.

email change via computer

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it—changing your email on Instagram demystified. Whether you’re a smartphone user or prefer the comfort of your computer, the process is straightforward. Remember, keeping your contact information updated is not just about convenience; it’s about security and staying connected.

Through my own experiences of missed opportunities and the hassle of recovering accounts, I’ve learned the importance of keeping digital housekeeping in check. Changing your Instagram email might seem like a small task, but it’s a step toward ensuring your online presence is secure, professional, and accessible.

So, take a moment, update your email, and then dive back into the endless scroll of beauty, creativity, and connection that Instagram offers. Happy ‘gramming!

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