Snapchat Planets: Snapchat Plus Solar System Rankings

Snapchat planets have taken the Snapchat+ user community by storm, bringing about a wave of intrigue and curiosity. If you’ve recently subscribed to Snapchat+, you might find yourself scratching your head about this innovative feature introduced as Snapchat Plus Planets. Fear not; our comprehensive guide will demystify the ins and outs of the Snapchat planet system for you as we navigate through the cosmos of this 2023 Snapchat+ enhancement.

snapchat planets

Snapchat Plus rolled out in late June 2022, is not just any regular subscription service. It’s a pathway to an enriched Snapchat experience, granting users access to a trove of unique functionalities. From keeping tabs on story rewatch counts to the much-celebrated Dark Mode for Android users, this service is designed to elevate your Snapchat game. Amidst this arsenal of features, the Friend Solar Systems stands out, both for its novelty and the buzz it has generated among users.

The palpable excitement surrounding the Friend Solar Systems is evident. Yet, there’s a noticeable undercurrent of confusion among a segment of Snapchat Plus subscribers. The primary questions on their minds revolve around the meaning and functionality of this feature. What significance do these Snap planets hold? How does one interpret and make the most of them? Our guide is here to address these queries and offer a deeper understanding of the Snapchat Plus Planets and their role in your Snapchat+ experience.

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Snapchat Planets: A Brief Overview

  • Mercury: A pink planet surrounded by crimson hearts. Top on the friend list!
  • Venus: A beige planet, encircled by an array of vibrant hearts. Second closest buddy on Snapchat.
  • Earth: A green-blue hue with a moon and red hearts. The third closest.
  • Mars: A radiant red planet with multicolored hearts. Occupies the fourth slot.
  • Jupiter: Orange in appearance, studded with multicolored stars. Fifth on the list.
  • Saturn: A golden-yellow planet with a striking ring and surrounding stars. Sixth best friend.
  • Uranus: A green aura with yellow stars. Seventh on the list.
  • Neptune: Immersed in blue with twinkling blue stars. Eighth closest.

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Snapchat Plus Planets: A Visual Guide to Their Order (2023)

When navigating through Snapchat Plus, the Friendmoji feature presents users with captivating images of various planets. However, a noticeable absence of names or specific placements for these planets can leave users puzzled about their significance and order.

To address this, we’ve meticulously curated a detailed list that arranges these celestial bodies in their proper sequence. Each planet is paired with its representative image to offer a clearer understanding. Dive into our visual guide below, detailing the precise order of the Snapchat best friends planets.

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Mercury in the Snapchat Plus Universe (2023)

Within the engaging realm of Snapchat Plus, visuals play a pivotal role in communicating user statuses and relationships. Among the intriguing imagery is a portrayal of Mercury.


Being linked with Mercury in this digital universe carries significant meaning. It is an indication that you hold the coveted position of being your friend’s closest confidant. Essentially, if Mercury is tied to your profile, it translates to you being the topmost friend on that particular friend’s list.

Now, how does Snapchat Plus depict Mercury? Well, it’s a delightful visual treat. Mercury is presented as a vibrant pink planet, beautifully adorned with an array of red hearts that encircle it. This color combination not only aligns with the aesthetics of the app but also subtly signifies the warmth and depth of the bond you share with that friend.

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Venus in the Snapchat Plus Galaxy (2023)

Snapchat Plus, always at the forefront of innovative ways to represent relationships, introduces the concept of planetary associations to denote friendship levels. And among these, Venus holds a distinct place.


Should you find yourself connected with Venus within the Snapchat Plus cosmos, it carries a very special implication about your position in a friend’s life. Specifically, being linked to Venus signifies that you are recognized as the second closest friend on your friend’s Snapchat list. It’s a position that speaks volumes about the bond you share and the frequency of your interactions on the platform.

But what visual cues accompany this association? Venus, in the expansive Snapchat Plus solar system, showcases itself as a subtle beige-colored planet. It’s a hue that evokes feelings of calm and warmth. Encircling this serene planet are hearts in delightful shades of pink, blue, and yellow. Each heart, in its unique color, could perhaps symbolize the different emotions and moments shared between you and your friend—be it the pink of affectionate chats, the blue of shared sadness, or the yellow of joyful interactions.

The intricate design and color palette chosen for Venus doesn’t just make it visually appealing but also imbues it with a sense of depth, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the relationship it represents. If you ever spot Venus associated with your profile on a friend’s list, it’s a moment to cherish, knowing you hold such a treasured spot in their Snapchat universe.

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Earth in Snapchat Plus’s Cosmic Landscape (2023)

Snapchat Plus continues its innovative approach by associating its users with celestial bodies, adding depth to the way relationships are perceived on the platform. One such intriguing association is with our home planet, Earth.



Within the realm of Snapchat Plus, if you discover that you’ve been linked to Earth, it comes with a heartfelt connotation. This celestial assignment designates you as the third closest confidant on your friend’s Snapchat list. While it might not be the top spot, being third is still a testament to the significance and strength of your bond on this social media platform.

But what does Earth look like in this Snapchat cosmic portrayal? True to its real-life inspiration, Earth within Snapchat Plus is painted in familiar shades of green and blue. These colors are not mere choices for aesthetic appeal. The green can symbolize the growth and nurturing aspects of your relationship, reminiscent of verdant forests and sprawling meadows. The blue, mirroring the vast oceans, might hint at the depth and vastness of your shared memories and conversations.

Adorning this blue-green planet are vibrant red hearts, serving as gentle reminders of the love, trust, and shared emotions between you and your friend. These hearts, against the backdrop of Earth’s colors, create a vivid and poignant image. Accompanying Earth is its ever-faithful satellite, the moon, a subtle nod to the consistent and reliable nature of your friendship, always there, even if sometimes unseen.

In essence, being associated with Earth in Snapchat Plus’s celestial narrative is a beautiful homage to a relationship that’s deep, ever-evolving, and abundant in shared moments. It’s a bond that’s celebrated in colors, symbols, and placement within this digital universe.

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Mars in the Snapchat Planets (2023)

Snapchat Plus offers a delightful blend of fun and symbolism, especially when it introduces planets to portray the closeness of friendships. One standout in this astral line-up is the fiery Mars.


Should you find Mars associated with your profile on a friend’s Snapchat Plus, it sends a clear and compelling message. This celestial emblem denotes you hold the rank of the fourth closest ally in their circle of Snapchat confidants. While being fourth may seem like you’re not at the top, it’s essential to understand the depth and importance of this position. Within the vast expanse of Snapchat users and countless interactions, being ranked fourth suggests a bond that’s cherished and valued.

But what visual imagery does Snapchat Plus use to represent Mars? In a captivating nod to its real-world counterpart, Mars is portrayed in a vibrant shade of red. This hue doesn’t just stay true to the planet’s actual appearance; it carries a deeper symbolism. Red, often associated with passion, warmth, and vitality, could very well mirror the energetic dynamics and lively interactions you share with your Snapchat friend.

Surrounding this vivid planet are delicate hearts in shades of pink and blue. The pink hearts possibly signify the warmth, care, and affection present in your shared memories and conversations. In contrast, the blue hearts might represent the calm, understanding, and depth of your relationship. Together, these hearts dance around Mars, creating a tapestry of emotions and connections.

In the grand design of Snapchat Plus’s cosmic representation, Mars stands out not just for its iconic red hue but for the deep, multifaceted friendships it signifies. Mars is a testament to a bond that’s both passionate and profound.

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Jupiter’s Role in the Snapchat Plus Cosmos (2023)

Snapchat Plus has effortlessly woven the mysteries of the universe into its platform, presenting users with an interstellar method to visualize and rank friendships. Within this celestial theater, Jupiter emerges with its distinct character.


Jupiter on a friend’s Snapchat Plus is a badge of distinction. Such an association reveals you as the fifth closest confidante in that individual’s Snapchat circle. Though you’re not in the top few, the fifth position is significant. Think of the numerous connections a person may have, the myriad chats and exchanges. If you are a Jupiter then within this vast network, they’ve singled you out and placed you within the inner circle. It denotes a bond that has depth and significance.

So, how does Snapchat Plus bring the largest planet in our solar system to life? With an artistic flair, you can see Jupiter in a rich shade of orange on the platform. This color doesn’t just align with its astronomical appearance but could also echo sentiments of enthusiasm, energy, and warmth, encapsulating the essence of your shared Snapchat journey.

Accentuating Jupiter’s luminous orange are stars in hues of pink, blue, and yellow. These aren’t mere decorative elements. The pink stars could be symbols of tender moments, mutual support, and shared joys. The blue stars might embody the serene, introspective conversations that have deepened your bond. Lastly, the yellow stars could represent the cheerful, light-hearted moments and the optimism that underscores your interactions.

In Snapchat Plus’s galaxy of relationships, Jupiter’s symbolism is rich and multifaceted. Its prominent position and vibrant depiction serve as a testament to the strength, warmth, and depth of the relationship it represents. Being Jupiter in someone’s Snapchat universe speaks volumes about the bond you share.

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Saturn in Snapchat Plus’s Celestial Hierarchy (2023)

Snapchat Plus introduces an imaginative twist in portraying friendships, incorporating the vastness of our cosmos into its narrative. Among this lineup of planets, Saturn holds a special place, carrying with it both mystique and clarity regarding your Snapchat standing.


Securing the title of Saturn on a friend’s Snapchat Plus means you are their sixth closest ally. Now, while one might think being sixth is distant, it’s crucial to zoom out and grasp the bigger picture. In the expanse of numerous contacts, fleeting chats, and myriad shared snaps, being the sixth most treasured friend is no small feat. It means you’ve created memories, shared experiences, and built a rapport that places you well within the inner sanctum of their Snapchat universe.

Snapchat Plus, in its visual representation of Saturn, does justice to the planet’s grandeur. Bathed in a vibrant yellow hue, this depiction is both radiant and inviting. The yellow might resonate with the joy, warmth, and shared laughter that underpins the essence of your Snapchat exchanges.

But it’s the golden ring encircling Saturn that captures one’s attention instantly. This shimmering circle isn’t just a nod to the planet’s real astronomical features; it could symbolize the protective barrier, trust, or continuous loop of interaction that sustains the bond between you and the friend in question.

Complementing this are the stars – pink, blue, and yellow – that dance around Saturn. Each hue, each star might encapsulate moments of significance. Pink could evoke feelings of affection, blue might represent the calm understanding shared and yellow stars likely convey the luminous sparks of shared humor and happiness.

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Uranus in the Snapchat Plus Cosmic Rankings (2023)

Snapchat Plus, with its innovative approach, weaves the vast cosmic tapestry into its portrayal of relationships, letting us travel through space while navigating the depth and nuances of friendships. Nestled within this cosmic order, Uranus emerges as a symbol, revealing key insights about where you stand in a friend’s Snapchat universe.


Landing the title of Uranus in a friend’s Snapchat Plus lineup means you’re their seventh closest confidant. While some might quickly overlook the significance of this ranking, it’s essential to contextualize it. Amid the hustle and bustle of endless chats, countless snap exchanges, and a sea of contacts, securing the seventh spot is emblematic of a connection that’s both substantial and enduring. It signifies shared tales, mutual trust, and an alliance that’s weathered the comings and goings of fleeting digital interactions.

The visual embodiment of Uranus on Snapchat Plus paints a vivid narrative. Cloaked in a captivating shade of green, it mirrors both the freshness of new experiences and the depth of shared moments. This shade might resonate with the growth, evolution, and myriad emotions that have shaped the trajectory of your Snapchat relationship.

Surrounding this green sphere are the glittering yellow stars. Not just mere ornaments, these stars could symbolize moments that shine bright in your collective memory. Perhaps they represent bursts of laughter, shared secrets, or those comforting silences that only true friends understand. Each yellow star could be a beacon, illuminating the path you’ve traversed together, shedding light on the cherished instances that have solidified your bond.

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Neptune: Your Role in the Snapchat Plus Galaxy (2023)

Snapchat Plus continually evolves, merging the intricate world of relationships with the grandeur of the cosmos. As part of this unique constellation, Neptune reveals its essence, giving a glimpse into your standing in your friend’s Snapchat universe.


Being recognized as Neptune in a friend’s Snapchat Plus indicates that you occupy the honorable eighth position on their list. At first glance, one might dismiss the importance of this spot, but it’s crucial to see the larger picture. Amidst the whirlwind of snaps, shared memories, and an overflowing contact list, the fact that you hold this place is significant. It denotes moments shared, trust reciprocated, and a bond that, despite its position, remains unyielding in the face of ever-changing digital dynamics.

Neptune’s portrayal in Snapchat Plus is an immersive visual treat. Dressed in deep blue, it encapsulates the depth and mysteries of oceanic adventures. This hue could be symbolic of the myriad emotions, experiences, and shared stories that have lent texture to your friendship over time.

Accompanying this azure sphere are gleaming blue stars. Far from mere decorative elements, they perhaps resonate with the luminous moments you’ve shared, lighting up your collective journey. Each star could represent shared adventures, unspoken understandings, or even those serendipitous moments when the universe seemed to align just for the two of you.

In essence, getting the Neptune title in Snapchat Plus isn’t merely about numeric ranking. It’s about being a vital part of a shared story, an alliance marked by shared joys and sorrows, and a relationship that endures, even when not always in the limelight. It serves as a gentle reminder that every connection has its own unique place and significance in the vast Snapchat realm.

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Snapchat Plus Planetary Rankings: Deciphering Friendship Tiers (2023)

In the evolving world of Snapchat Plus, celestial bodies have taken on an intriguing role. However, these aren’t merely heavenly objects but symbolic representations that offer insights into the nature of your friendships on the platform.

Snapchat Plus employs the metaphor of planets to showcase the depth and closeness of connections between users. Think of it as a cosmic leaderboard, placing your top interactions in an astronomical order. The intimacy and frequency of your interactions determine which planet gets assigned to a friend. With Mercury signifying the zenith of closeness and Neptune, albeit significant, indicating the eighth closest connection, it offers a fresh, space-inspired twist to understand your bond.

Every Snapchat user can proudly have up to eight “planetary” best friends. This selection is dynamic, pivoting around whom you frequently snap or engage with. These chosen friends metamorphose into planets, each with its symbolic meaning.

Visiting a friend’s profile provides a clearer view of your bond. There, a distinct “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge is adorned with a shimmering gold ring. When the “Best Friends” tag shines, it indicates mutual admiration; both of you rank each other within your respective top eight. Conversely, the “Friends” badge reflects a one-sided closeness – you consider them within your top eight, but the sentiment isn’t reciprocated to the same degree.

Snapchat Plus Planetary Rankings

A gentle tap on this badge unfolds the planetary tale of your camaraderie. As an analogy, if your friend assumes the position of the Sun and designates you as Earth, you occupy the commendable third spot in their friend hierarchy.

In essence, Snapchat Plus brings the marvel of the cosmos to your friendships, allowing users to explore and understand relational dynamics through a celestial lens. It’s a captivating, cosmic dance of digital connections.

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Issues with Snapchat’s Solar System Display? Here’s What You Need to Know (2023)

Navigating the captivating world of Snapchat Plus can occasionally present a hiccup or two, especially when exploring the celestial representation of friendships. Imagine eagerly checking a close friend’s profile, anticipating your planetary position, only to find the conspicuous absence of the defining gold ring around their friendship status. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that the Snapchat solar system feature has faltered. However, appearances can be deceptive.

Diving deeper, you’ll find there are specific reasons for this unexpected display anomaly. The missing gold ring doesn’t always imply a system malfunction. In fact, it is more often a reflection of certain conditions that haven’t been met.

Firstly, your expectation to view your planetary standing on a friend’s profile is directly tied to your position on their list. The underlying principle is reciprocity. So to view your celestial ranking on their profile, you need to secure a spot on their top eight best friends list. If you’re not there, the system, quite understandably, will not grant you the privilege of viewing your planetary position.

Secondly, the feature is highly contingent on Bitmoji integration. Both you and your friend need to have linked Bitmojis to fully unlock and experience the visual delight of the Friend Solar Systems. Without this crucial linkage, the Snapchat solar system remains elusive, even if you meet all other conditions.

In sum, while it’s natural to assume an issue with the Snapchat solar system display, it’s essential to check both these parameters. Ensure that you’re nestled comfortably in your friend’s top circle and have integrated Bitmojis. This dual-check can often resolve what seems like a glitch but is merely a condition not being met. Remember, the universe of Snapchat friendships operates on both closeness and connectivity.

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Snapchat Plus: Elevate Your Snapchat Experience in 2023

For an investment of $3.99 per month, Snapchat enthusiasts can elevate their app experience with Snapchat Plus. This premium subscription rolls out a suite of exclusive features, some experimental and others in pre-release, designed to bring personalization to the forefront and intensify user engagement.

Here’s a breakdown of what you unlock as a Snapchat Plus subscriber:

  • Pin as #1 Best Friend: Celebrate your closest friendships by pinning them as your top best friend.
  • Story Interaction Insights: Know who revisited your stories with the Story Rewatch Indicator.
  • Personalized User Interface: Choose from Custom App Icons/Themes.
  • Exclusive Identification: Sport a Snapchat+ Badge.
  • Celestial Friend Ranking: Experience the Friend Solar System.
  • Priority in Responses: Enjoy Priority Story Replies.
  • Expressive Emoji Feedback: Use Post View Emojis.
  • Bitmoji Customization: Personalize with Bitmoji Backgrounds.
  • Story Duration Clarity: Introduce a Story Timer.
  • Enhanced Color Palette: Access the Capturing Color feature.
  • Distinct Notifications: Opt for Custom Notification Sounds.
  • Friend Engagement Insight: Monitor Friend Snapscore Change.
  • Chat Aesthetics: Introduce Chat Wallpapers and Custom Capture Buttons.
  • Gift the Experience: Choose to Gift Snapchat+.
  • Enhance Story Visibility: Opt for Story Boost.
  • Customized Map Views: Modify your Map Appearance.
  • Comfort Viewing: Dark Mode on Android.
  • Relive Moments: Use Replay Again.

Embarking on the Snapchat Plus journey is straightforward. To do this, Navigate to your Profile, select the Snapchat+ banner card at the pinnacle, and finalize a Subscription plan aligned with your preferences.

Should you ever feel that Snapchat Plus isn’t delivering the magic you anticipated, worry not. Post the 7-day trial, you’re at liberty to discontinue the subscription without incurring any charges.

Snapchat My AI

Now that you’ve deep-dived into the facets of Snapchat Plus Planets, you might also be curious about cracking Snapchat My AI or unearthing birthdays on Snapchat. Dive in to explore more.

To sum up, this encapsulates the multifaceted world of Snapchat Plus in 2023, demystifying the significance and sequence of its celestial feature.

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The “Snap chat planets” feature in the Snapchat Plus subscription offers an innovative and visually appealing way to gauge the closeness of friendships on the platform. By understanding the order and meaning of these planets, users can enhance their social interactions and make the most of this unique feature in 2023.

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1. What is Snapchat Planets meaning?

Snapchat Plus Planets are a feature in the Snapchat+ subscription that represents the closeness of friendships on Snapchat, with each planet symbolizing a rank in a user’s top eight friends.

2. How are friends ranked using the planets?

Friends are ranked from Mercury (closest) to Neptune (8th closest). The planet you are assigned indicates your rank in a friend’s list based on your interaction frequency.

3. What does it mean if I’m assigned Mercury?

Being assigned Mercury indicates that you are the closest friend to the respective user on Snapchat.

4. Why can’t I see the planets on some profiles?

There could be two reasons: either you’re not on their best friends list or both you and the friend must have linked Bitmoji accounts.

5. Are the planets the only new feature in Snapchat Plus?

No, Snapchat Plus offers various other features like Dark Mode for Android, Priority Story Replies, Custom App Icons, and more.

6. How much does the Snapchat+ subscription cost?

The pricing of a Snapchat+ subscription is $3.99 per month and offers a range of exclusive features.

7. Can I cancel my Snapchat Plus subscription?

Yes, if you’re not satisfied with Snapchat Plus, you can cancel the subscription after a 7-day trial without incurring any charges.

8. What if my Snapchat friend’s solar system isn’t working?

Ensure you are on the best friends list of the person you’re checking and that both of you have linked Bitmoji accounts.

9. How do I subscribe to Snapchat Plus?

To get Snapchat Plus, visit your Profile, tap on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top, and select a subscription plan that suits you.

10. What is the significance of the gold ring around a friend’s status?

The gold ring indicates that the person is one of your eight closest friends on Snapchat. If you see the “Best Friends” badge with a gold ring, it means both of you rank each other among the top eight.

Hope this article helps you learn about the Snap planets meaning and understand the Snapchat solar system rankings. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

Happy Chatting!!!

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