Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy

Embarking on the “Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts” side quest introduces players to a distinctive challenge unlike any other in the Hogwarts Legacy game. Rather than facing off against formidable adversaries or navigating intricate puzzles, players are presented with a mission: decipher the enigmatic location showcased on a treasure map. This isn’t just any map but the famed “Map with Floating Candles“. The allure of this quest doesn’t just lie in its mysterious map, but also in its dynamic starting point. The inception of the quest adapts, shifting substantially depending on the Hogwarts House the player affiliates with.

ghost of our love hogwarts

The Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy side quest stands out, not merely because of its inherent challenges but because it offers a unique twist in the narrative arc of the game. It beckons players to explore, think critically, and piece together clues, rather than relying on combat skills or spell prowess. This deviation from the usual formula is what makes it a memorable journey within the game’s universe.

As you traverse the vast expanse of Hogwarts and its surroundings, this guide aims to be your compass. We aim to shine a light on the elusive location of the “Map with Floating Candles”. But our guidance doesn’t end there. Beyond just locating the map, we’ll steer you through every step, ensuring that you unravel the mystery behind the illustrated location on this treasure map. With determination, a keen eye, and our detailed instructions, the secrets of this quest are well within your grasp.

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Ghost of our Love Hogwarts Side Quest Prerequisites

For the ‘Ghost of Our Love’ Side Quest, ensure you’ve finished the ‘Trials of Merlin‘ (13th Main Quest) and it’s nighttime.

Initiating the Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy Quest

After attending every class and successfully finishing the Trials of Merlin Main Quest, an Owl Post delivers a letter to you. This letter brings a new mission tailored to your chosen Hogwarts House. Each House presents unique paths, but they all share a common end goal.

The mission revolves around a ghost named Richard Jackdaw. No matter which House you belong to, your quest connects you with this spectral figure. Richard Jackdaw plays a pivotal role in guiding you deeper into the adventure.

ghost of our love hogwarts map

Your primary objective? Locate the elusive “Map with Floating Candles”. This map isn’t just any ordinary parchment. It holds the key to further unraveling the mysteries of the “Ghost of Our Love” quest.

In summary, your journey begins with completing your educational obligations at Hogwarts and mastering the Trials of Merlin. From there, a House-centric mission awaits, with the spectral guide, Richard Jackdaw, pointing the way. Your eyes should remain fixed on finding the “Map with Floating Candles”, a crucial piece in this captivating quest.

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Unlocking the Mystery of the Floating Candles Map in Hogwarts Legacy

One crucial point that players must be aware of is the unavailability of the “Map with Floating Candles” until they’ve initiated their specific Richard Jackdaw quest. It’s not a hunt you can embark on prematurely; the journey must follow a particular order.

Richard Jackdaw’s quests are tailored to each Hogwarts House. Each House has its own unique mission that leads students on a distinct adventure, ultimately guiding them to the sought-after map. Here’s a breakdown of which quest is allotted to each House and their respective starting points:

  • Gryffindor Students: Your mission is titled “The Hunt for the Missing Pages”. Your quest begins just outside the esteemed Great Hall.
  • Slytherin Enthusiasts: Your journey is named “Scrope’s Last Hope”. You can find the commencement of this quest in the Hogwarts Courtyard, situated near the Clock Tower.
  • Ravenclaw Members: Your specific task is known as “Ollivander’s Heirloom”. Start your adventure at Ollivander’s, located in the whimsical village of Hogsmeade.
  • Hufflepuff Scholars: Dive into the “Prisoner of Love” quest. Your starting point? The cozy confines of the Hufflepuff Common Room.

With the initiation of your House-oriented Richard Jackdaw mission, the search begins. Your aim now is to scour the nearby locales, with your eyes set on one prize: the elusive “Map with Floating Candles”. Remember, the map holds secrets that will further propel you in your Hogwarts Legacy journey.

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Discovering Gryffindor’s Floating Candles Map Location

As a Gryffindor, the journey to find the Map with Floating Candles unfolds during the quest titled “The Hunt for the Missing Pages.” This expedition is a thrilling one, intertwining with some of Hogwarts’ most notable spectral entities.

ghost of our love hogwarts gryffindor

Your key guide on this mission is none other than the ethereal Nearly Headless Nick. He plays a significant role in directing you to the pivotal moment of your quest. Nick, with his typical translucent charm, will bring forth Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore for an introduction. This meeting isn’t held within the confines of Hogwarts but in a more somber setting – a cemetery located to the north of the magical village of Hogsmeade. The aura of the place, with its ancient tombstones and whispered secrets of the past, adds to the mystery of the quest.

As your conversation with Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore wraps up, your attention must pivot immediately. Don’t let the enchantment of the meeting distract you. Your next step is vital. Look around and spot the crypt entrance in the vicinity. Focus on the grave situated just to its right. It’s not merely a resting place for memories but holds the treasure you seek.

Approach this particular grave with purpose. Hidden there, waiting for a keen-eyed Gryffindor, is the coveted Map with Floating Candles. This map isn’t just a parchment but a gateway to further adventures and discoveries in the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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Navigating Slytherin’s Floating Candles Map Journey

For all Slytherin house members, the pursuit of the Map with Floating Candles is a voyage laden with intrigue. Your path starts with the “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest, a challenge meant only for the most cunning and ambitious.

ghost of our love hogwarts slytherin

Your destination within this quest is not a mere room in the vast Hogwarts castle but a hidden gem: Apollonia’s Grotto. This isn’t your typical cave. Situated deep beneath the Hogwarts structure, its walls bear the enigmatic emblem of a red squid. This marking isn’t just an artistic touch; it’s an emblem, a sign, indicating you’re on the right path.

The atmosphere within the grotto is charged with anticipation. But before you can delve deeper, there’s a peculiar and somewhat whimsical task to undertake. You’ll need a piece of toast. Yes, toast. In this magical world, even the most mundane objects can hold power beyond imagination.

With toast in hand, approach the designated pedestal in the grotto. As you place the toast upon it, a shift occurs. The room, which seemed ordinary (as ordinary as a cave with a squid emblem can be), reveals its secret. A hidden section of the grotto comes to life, granting you access.

As you step into this unveiled area, your quest’s objective becomes clear. Turn your gaze to the right. There, nestled amidst the shadows, you’ll spot a chest. It isn’t just any chest but the guardian of your sought-after prize. Within its confines rests the Map with Floating Candles, a key to further mysteries and challenges that lie ahead for every daring Slytherin.

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Uncovering the Ravenclaw’s Floating Candles Map

For every Ravenclaw, the journey to discover the Map with Floating Candles requires wit, observation, and a touch of guidance. Embarking on this quest, your first port of call is a conversation with the renowned wandmaker, Ollivander. This esteemed craftsman, known for his deep knowledge of wands and their unique connections to their owners, imparts wisdom essential to your pursuit.

ghost of our love hogwarts ravenclaw

Once your exchange with Ollivander concludes, your next destination isn’t a room within the labyrinthine Hogwarts castle but the towering Owlery. This iconic structure, home to Hogwarts’ many owls, stands proudly just to the southwest of the main school building. The Owlery is not just a place for birds; it’s a hub of communication, a place where messages, parcels, and secrets crisscross between the magical and non-magical realms.

Your ascent to the top of the Owlery is not just a physical climb, but symbolic of the Ravenclaw’s relentless quest for knowledge and understanding. The higher you climb, the more the world below fades, leaving you with the vast sky and the boundless horizon – a perfect setting for Ravenclaw’s introspection.

Reaching the pinnacle of the Owlery, your attention needs to shift to its southern edge. It’s not the sky or the owls that you seek here, but something more grounded. Lying unassumingly amidst the stone and shadows is your prize: the Map with Floating Candles. Its presence here, on the ground, serves as a humbling reminder that sometimes, even in the loftiest of places, what we seek can be found right beneath our feet.

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Deciphering Hufflepuff’s Floating Candles Map Location

Every Hufflepuff knows the value of diligence, patience, and the joys of discovery. As you embark on your quest to uncover the Map with Floating Candles, your trail will lead you to the quaint vicinity of Upper Hogsfield, an area known for its bustling activity and enchanting nooks waiting to be explored.

ghost of our love hogwarts hufflepuff

Amidst the vibrancy of Upper Hogsfield, one particular spot calls out for your attention. Nestled comfortably behind the renowned vendor stall managed by Claire Beaumont, a woman known in wizarding circles for her exquisite array of magical artifacts, stands a seemingly ordinary home. Claire’s stall, with its plethora of enchanting items, often steals the limelight, making this house easy to overlook. But as every true Hufflepuff understands, the most valuable treasures sometimes lie in the most unassuming places.

Approaching the house, your attention is immediately drawn to the right side of its aged wooden door. The door, worn by time and stories untold, stands as a sentinel guarding treasures within. Adjacent to it, sitting unassumingly, is a chest. Its presence, though subtle, carries with it a magnetic pull for those who know what they’re searching for.

The chest, crafted with care and adorned with intricate carvings, holds within it the very object of your quest: the coveted Map with Floating Candles. As you unlatch its lock and lift its lid, a sense of accomplishment washes over you. The map’s delicate details and the soft glow of the floating candles beckon you to further adventures and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

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Unraveling the Secrets of the Hogwarts Legacy

Ghost of Our Love Treasure

Embarking on the journey to uncover the enigmatic treasure highlighted on the Map with Floating Candles demands both courage and a keen sense of direction. The very first step? Setting your sights on the infamous entrance of the Forbidden Forest, a place steeped in mystery and lore.

 forbidden forest

As you stand at the threshold of the forest, the aura of intrigue beckons you forward. Guided by the map, take confident strides to the west. As the silhouette of a stone bridge looms in the distance, it’s imperative to cast the Lumos spell. Why, you ask? This act of magic summons three ethereal floating candles, acting as guardians and guides, leading the way deeper into the woods.

The Forbidden Forest, as its name suggests, is not without its perils. Though your journey does not require you to venture too far into its dark heart, caution is your best companion. The forest houses myriad creatures and unknown threats that remain indifferent to the nature of your quest, be it a Side Quest or a main mission.

 treasure candles

As you traverse deeper, guided by the gentle glow of the floating candles, a scene of enchantment unveils before you. Nestled amidst the woods is a table set for two, bathed in the soft luminescence of countless candles. This idyllic setting, however, holds more than just ambiance. Adjacent to the table, a chest awaits your discovery. Within its confines lie a piece of valuable gear, a bounty of 400 Galleons, and the satisfaction of a quest well-accomplished. As a token of your achievement, the completion of this side quest also grants you 180 XP, marking another milestone in your magical journey.

hogwarts treasure

Step-by-Step Guide for Finding Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy Location of Treasure

  1. Starting Point: Begin at the entrance of the Forbidden Forest.
  2. Directional Guidance: Use the Map with Floating Candles as your primary guide.
  3. Initial Movement: Walk confidently towards the west from the forest’s entrance.
  4. Stone Bridge Encounter: As the stone bridge comes into view, prepare to cast a spell.
  5. Casting Lumos: Use the Lumos spell, which will result in the appearance of three floating candles.
  6. Follow the Candles: These candles will lead the way, guiding you deeper into the forest.
  7. Cautionary Note: Although the journey doesn’t take you deep into the forest, be aware of its inherent dangers. The Forbidden Forest is home to many unpredictable creatures.
  8. Destination: The candles guide you to a romantically set, candlelit table designed for two.
  9. Treasure Discovery: Beside the table, discover a chest waiting to be opened.
  10. Contents of the Chest: Inside, find a unique piece of gear, a stash of 400 Galleons, and the feeling of a task well-accomplished.
  11. Reward: Completing this side quest will also earn you an additional 180 XP.

This step-by-step approach simplifies the quest, making the treasure hunt an engaging and rewarding experience.

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The Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy side quest offers players a refreshing deviation from combat-intensive challenges, guiding them on a captivating treasure hunt based on their chosen House. As players delve deep into the enigmatic locations and unravel the mystery of the Floating Candles map, they’re reminded of the immersive world Hogwarts Legacy offers. Beyond the thrill of discovery, the quest culminates in a rewarding treasure, making every step of the journey both enchanting and worthwhile. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning your magical journey, this side quest is a testament to the depth and allure of the game’s universe.

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1. What is the “Ghost of Our Love” side quest about?

This quest revolves around identifying a mysterious location depicted on a treasure map called the “Map with Floating Candles”. Unlike other side quests, this one doesn’t involve battling opponents or solving puzzles.

2. Is the starting point of the quest the same for everyone?

No, the starting point of the “Ghost of Our Love” side quest varies based on the Hogwarts House you’ve chosen.

3. How can I start the Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts side quest?

Upon completing the “Trials of Merlin” Main Quest and attending all classes, you’ll receive a letter via Owl Post directing you to a House-specific quest. This will guide you toward the “Map with Floating Candles”.

4. Do I need to complete any prerequisites before starting this side quest

Yes, you need to complete the “Trials of Merlin” Main Quest and it has to be nighttime in the game.

5. Who is Richard Jackdaw and why is he significant to this quest?

Richard Jackdaw is a ghost you’ll encounter in this side quest. Every House-specific quest will lead you to meet him and he’s linked to the location of the “Map with Floating Candles”.

6. Can I find the “Map with Floating Candles” anytime during the game?

No, the map is only discoverable after you’ve initiated the corresponding Jackdaw quest.

7. Does the location of the “Map with Floating Candles” differ based on the House?

Yes, each House has a unique quest and location for the map.

8. When can I find the treasure in the “Ghost of Our Love” side quest?

The treasure linked to this quest is only discoverable at nighttime.

9. Is there any danger when following the floating candles in the Forbidden Forest?

Yes, the Forbidden Forest houses various threats that can attack players, even during a side quest.

10. What rewards can I expect upon completing the “Ghost of Our Love” side quest?

Players will find a chest near a romantic candlelit table which contains a random piece of gear and 400 Galleons. Additionally, players receive 180 XP for completing this side quest.

Hope this article helped you in the side quest of Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

Happy Questing!!!

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