How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

If you’re looking to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat, you’re not alone in your quest for the perfect filter. Snapchat has become a hub for innovative lenses, with a whopping 2.5 million different lenses crafted by a community of over 250,000 creators. With these staggering numbers, you might feel like a kid in a candy store, barely scratching the surface by exploring less than 1% of the available lenses. Among this ocean of filters, the Butterfly lens stands out as a fan favorite. Its allure? It adorns your photos with beautifully animated butterflies, adding a whimsical touch that can make any snap Instagram-worthy.

Snapchat’s lens ecosystem is as vast as it is diverse. Some lenses transform your face into a work of art, while others might not be your cup of tea. That’s the beauty of choice; you can select what resonates with you. However, before you can even decide if you like a lens, you need to unlock it. And yes, the coveted Butterfly lens is among those that need to be unlocked for usage. Over time, various versions of the Butterfly lens have emerged, each with its own set of unique tweaks and features. So, if you’re keen to elevate your Snapchat game, stick around. We’re diving deep into the step-by-step process of unlocking and making the most out of the Butterfly lenses on Snapchat.

unlock the butterflies lens on snapchat

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Exploring Snapchat’s Butterfly Lens: A Comprehensive Guide

Snapchat’s Butterfly lens has won the hearts of users. It stands as a celebrated choice among the app’s array of camera filters. When you activate this lens, animated butterflies immediately begin to flutter around your face. The lens goes by the specific name of “Paper Butterfly,” and the creator behind it uses the username jp pirie. These virtual butterflies offer a visually pleasing experience.

But the lens doesn’t limit its magic to your face alone. You have the option to make these butterflies swirl around your entire body, adding an extra layer of fun and creativity to your snaps. The animated details are intricate, giving a realistic touch to the butterflies as they orbit around you.

Now, you may wonder how to gain access to this particular lens. Well, unlocking the Butterfly lens is quite simple. You have multiple paths to do so, and each method is user-friendly. You can either receive a Snapchat Lens Link from a friend who already has it saved or scan a Snapcode. If those options aren’t feasible, a straightforward search within the app will also lead you to this whimsical lens.

In short, Snapchat’s Butterfly lens—also known as Paper Butterfly—provides an enhanced and engaging experience. Whether you want animated butterflies to grace just your face or your entire body, this lens offers the flexibility to do so. To unlock it, you can follow easy steps, and you’ll be capturing these enchanted snaps in no time.

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How to Unlock the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat

Use a Snapchat Lens Link from a Friend

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the chat inbox and locate the conversation with a friend who has already utilized the Butterfly lens.
  3. Prompt your friend to go into their lens options and find the Butterfly lens.
  4. Request that they click on the ‘Share’ function within that lens.
  5. Once they’ve done so, the lens link is copied. Have them send this link to you via Snapchat.
  6. After you receive the lens link, simply tap on it. The Butterfly lens will then automatically activate within your Snapchat app.

Unlocking the coveted Butterfly lens on Snapchat can be an effortless endeavor, especially if you have friends who’ve already added this lens to their Snapchat profile. Simply open the app on your smartphone and go to your chat inbox. Here, find a friend you know has already accessed the Butterfly lens. Ask them to find this lens among their options and to hit the ‘Share’ button, which copies a direct link to the lens. After they send you this link, a single tap on your part will automatically add the lens to your Snapchat, ready for use. It’s a quick, foolproof method that can have you enjoying the Butterfly lens in no time.

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How to Unlock the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat via Snapcode Scanning

unlock the butterflies lens on snapchat snapcode

  1. Launch Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Access the in-app camera feature.
  3. Locate the specific QR code image, commonly referred to as a Snapcode, for the Butterfly lens.
  4. Align this Snapcode within the camera frame.
  5. Capture the image by tapping the camera button.
  6. Let Snapchat do the work. The app will auto-scan the Snapcode and trigger the lens link.

Scanning a Snapcode is another easy method to add the Butterfly lens to your Snapchat arsenal. The Snapcode is essentially a unique QR code tailored for each Snapchat lens. To utilize this method, you first need to open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. Once inside the app, switch to the camera feature which is usually the default view when you open Snapchat. Your next step is to find the unique Snapcode that corresponds to the Butterfly lens you’re interested in. The Snapcode is typically a QR code that Snapchat recognizes. With the Snapcode visible, align it within your camera frame. All you need to do now is tap to capture the image. Snapchat will automatically read the Snapcode and link you straight to the Butterfly lens. This action triggers the app to make the Butterfly lens available for your immediate use. Easy and efficient, scanning a Snapcode lets you unlock this popular lens without any hassle.

unlock the butterflies lens on snapchat scanning

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How to Find the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat Through In-App Search

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  2. Access the camera mode within the app.
  3. Locate the Search icon, usually found at the top left corner.
  4. Enter “Butterfly lens” into the search field.
  5. Browse through the resulting array of Butterfly lens options.
  6. Select “Explore lenses.”
  7. Choose and apply the Butterfly lens that catches your eye.

unlock the butterflies lens on snapchat using filter

If the previous techniques for accessing the Butterfly lens have not been successful, Snapchat provides another straightforward method: in-app search. To start, you’ll need to open your Snapchat app on your smartphone. Usually, the camera function activates by default when you open the app. Look towards the top left corner of your screen and you should find a Search icon (often represented as a magnifying glass). Click on this icon to open the search bar.

Now, it’s time to type in what you’re looking for. Input “Butterfly lens” into the search field and hit Enter. You’ll be met with a variety of Butterfly lens options. Snapchat offers a wide array of butterfly lenses, giving you plenty of choices to find the perfect one that suits your mood or aesthetic.

After your search query processes, you will see an option for “Explore lenses.” Click on this to delve into the range of available Butterfly lenses. Browse through the selections and pick the one that intrigues you the most. Once you’ve made your choice, you can go ahead and apply it, adding a bit of whimsy to your Snapchat experience. This method offers an easy and efficient way to customize your snaps, especially if you’re keen on capturing moments with the artistic flair that only the Butterfly lens can provide.

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How to Unlock the Butterfly Lens via Snapchat Lens Studio

  1. Launch Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Lens Studio section within the app.
  3. View an array of user-generated lenses.
  4. Scroll until you find the butterfly lens among the multiple lens options.
  5. Select its Snapcode to add the lens to your collection.

Snapchat Lens Studio serves as another pathway to unlock the coveted Butterfly lens. To begin, open the Snapchat application on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’re in, your next destination is the Lens Studio section. This area is a creative playground where you can explore a wide range of lenses crafted by the Snapchat community.

Inside Lens Studio, you’re greeted by an assortment of lenses. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill filters; they’re unique creations by Snapchat users who have taken the art of lens-making to a new level. You’ll find lenses that turn you into a comic book hero, transport you to other worlds, or even give you a complete makeover. Among these diverse offerings, your target is the Butterfly lens.

Start scrolling through the carousel of lenses. Keep an eye out for anything that features fluttering butterflies. The designs can vary, offering multiple styles and animations, so take your time to find the one that speaks to you. Once you spot the Butterfly lens, your next move is crucial.

Every lens in Snapchat Lens Studio has an associated Snapcode, a unique QR code that serves as its digital fingerprint. To permanently add this lens to your Snapchat arsenal, you’ll need to tap on its Snapcode. This action saves the lens, making it readily accessible for all your future Snapchat escapades.

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How to Unlock the Butterfly Mood Lens Through Snapchat Lens Studio

  1. Open up Snapchat on your smartphone.
  2. Head over to the specific section called Lens Studio.
  3. Browse through a variety of lenses that Snapchat users have crafted.
  4. Keep scrolling until you spot the Butterfly lens you desire.
  5. Tap on the corresponding Snapcode to secure this lens in your filter options.

Snapchat Lens Studio offers an alternative method to get your hands on the coveted Butterfly mood lens. To start, you’ll need to open Snapchat on your mobile device. Once the app is up and running, proceed to the Lens Studio section. This area functions as a hub for user-generated lenses, showcasing the creativity of the Snapchat community.

Once you’re in Lens Studio, prepare yourself to scroll. You’ll see an array of lenses, each one distinct, providing a multitude of options to customize your snaps. These lenses range from transforming you into a dancing potato to making you look like a Hollywood star. Amidst this multitude, you’re looking for the Butterfly lens, a lens that adds a whimsical touch to your selfies by surrounding you with animated butterflies.

Scroll through the assortment of lenses with your goal in mind. Your objective is to locate the Butterfly lens. When you find it, don’t just admire it; take action. Each lens in Snapchat Lens Studio comes with its own Snapcode, essentially a QR code that identifies it. To make this lens a permanent part of your Snapchat experience, tap on the Snapcode. This will save the Butterfly lens to your collection, making it available for you to use anytime you wish.

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How to Acquire the Butterfly Lens from Another User’s Snapchat Story

  1. Spot a Snapchat story that features the Butterfly lens filter.
  2. Tap on the “Try New” button that appears on the Snap. Alternatively, swipe upwards.
  3. Select the Butterfly lens.
  4. You’re now ready to take snaps using the Butterfly lens.

If you’ve ever been scrolling through Snapchat stories and stumbled upon a snap featuring the whimsical Butterfly lens, there’s good news. You can easily unlock this lens for your own use, right from that story! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to do it.

First off, you’ll need to find a Snapchat story that is already using the Butterfly lens. If you’ve spotted one, you’re halfway there. While viewing this particular Snap, you’ll see a button labeled “Try New” at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

If for some reason you can’t find the “Try New” button, there’s another way. Just swipe up while you’re watching the snap. This gesture will also give you the option to use the lens.

After tapping on “Try New” or swiping up, you’ll see various options appear. From there, select the Butterfly lens. It’s as easy as that. You have now successfully unlocked the Butterfly lens for your own snaps.

What’s fantastic about this method is its convenience. You’re simply leveraging the existing content of someone else’s story to broaden your own Snapchat lens arsenal. No complicated steps, no need to search far and wide, and no waiting. It’s an instant, hassle-free way to keep your snaps fresh and exciting.

So, the next time you see someone rocking that cool Butterfly lens on their Snapchat story, remember, you can get it too. Follow these straightforward steps, and start snapping your own butterfly-filled selfies.

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1. What is the Butterfly lens on Snapchat?

The Butterfly lens is a popular filter on Snapchat that allows you to have animated butterflies fly around your face or body in the snaps you take.

2. How can I unlock the Butterfly lens on Snapchat?

You can unlock the Butterfly lens by either receiving a Snapchat Lens Link from a friend who has it, scanning a Snapcode, or searching for it directly in the Snapchat app.

3. Are there multiple versions of the Butterfly lens?

Yes, due to Snapchat’s open platform for creators, there are multiple versions of the Butterfly lens, each with their own unique tweaks.

4. Can I share the Butterfly lens with my friends?

Absolutely! You can share the lens by sending the Snapchat Lens Link to your friends. They can then click on the link to unlock and use the lens.

5. How do I remove the Butterfly lens from my Snapchat?

To remove the Butterfly lens, open the lens within Snapchat and tap on the ‘i’ button at the top left of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Simply tap on the “Remove lens” option to delete it from your app.

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Snapchat’s Butterfly lens is a popular choice among the app’s millions of lenses, providing users with an enhanced, whimsical touch to their photos. Unlocking this lens can be done through various methods, whether by getting a Snapchat Lens Link from a friend, scanning a Snapcode, or even searching for it within the app. Given the dynamic community of creators, the variety of Butterfly lenses continues to grow, offering more ways to personalize your snaps. So if you’re eager to add a magical flair to your photos, don’t miss out on experiencing the Butterfly lens on Snapchat.

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