How to Navigate the Lost Woods TOTK (Tears of the Kingdom)

Navigating the Lost Woods in Tears of the Kingdom (Lost Woods TOTK) is a critical step if you’re aiming to reach the Korok Forest in Hyrule. The forest holds great significance, as it’s the residence of the enigmatic Deku Tree, a figure who entrusts you with vital quests. While in the past Zelda edition, Breath of the Wild, reaching the Korok Forest meant battling through a bewildering labyrinth filled with smog, Tears of the Kingdom offers you a slight breather. Here, it’s not just the Deku Tree you can access more easily; figures like Hestu and the small but fascinating Koroks are also more readily visible.

Let’s talk about what awaits you when you first set foot in the Lost Woods TOTK. A formidable stone gate marks the entrance, and beyond it, a forest blanketed in fog. This isn’t just regular fog; it’s an enveloping mist that seems almost sentient. Move in any direction, and the fog swallows you whole, only to disgorge you right back where you started. It’s like the forest itself repels intruders, pushing them out as soon as they wander too far off the known path.

But there’s a twist that Tears of the Kingdom introduces. A new direction is now available that wasn’t present in the previous versions: the option to come from below. This is possible because of a new game mechanic, the Ascend ability. Utilizing this skill, you can actually bypass the fog-infused labyrinth above and find a more direct route to your destination.

So, if you’ve tried every other conceivable approach and still find yourself back at the starting gate, don’t despair. The Ascend ability could be the key to unlocking your journey to the Korok Forest. Stick around, because this guide will take you through each turn and twist, ensuring that you navigate the Lost Woods TOTK successfully to reach your ultimate goal.

lost woods totk

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Navigating the Depths of Lost Woods TOTK to Access Korok Forest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When you set foot in the Lost Woods for the first time, you’ll encounter a mysterious forest shrouded in a smoky haze. A damaged stone gateway stands as a testament to the challenge ahead. You might think wandering through this labyrinth is the only way, but it’s not. Venture off the path, and the mist engulfs you, sending you back to the starting point. The solution isn’t to attempt navigating the maze; you have to avoid the Lost Woods altogether and make your way through an underground area called the Depths.

Getting ready to explore the Depths requires some preparation. Most importantly, collect Brightbloom seeds before you descend. These seeds are more than just trinkets; they serve as your light source in the dark, shadowy underground. The Depths are notorious for poor visibility, and navigating without proper lighting is a recipe for disaster.

So where can you find these Brightbloom seeds? They’re scattered throughout the land of Hyrule, often hidden in tricky spots. Occasionally, merchants sell them, but relying on buying them is not the best strategy when you can gather them for free. Collect as many as you can, as they’re not just useful in the Depths but can illuminate dark spaces throughout your quest in Hyrule.

Once you have a decent stash of Brightbloom seeds, head towards the stone gateway you initially encountered. But instead of entering the foggy labyrinth, look for an access point leading downwards into the Depths. Remember, the Depths offer an alternative route to the Korok Forest, bypassing the mist-filled hazards above ground.

Minshi Woods

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Journey to Minshi Woods Chasm: Your Gateway to Korok Forest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To sidestep the treacherous Lost Woods and make it to Korok Forest, your best bet is to start your journey at a specific location known as the Minshi Woods chasm. You can find this chasm by heading to the coordinates (1063, 1655, 0167), which lie on the route that typically leads to the Lost Woods. But instead of facing the labyrinth above, you’ll plunge into an underground world called the Depths. Before taking the plunge, however, there’s something crucial you must do: mark the center of Korok Forest on your map. This pin serves as your North Star in the otherwise confusing realm of the Depths.

Once you’ve placed your guiding pin, it’s time to dive into the Minshi Woods chasm. Take the plunge and find yourself in the eerie world beneath Hyrule. Your direction? Northwest. Your destination? The heart of the Korok Forest. But navigating the Depths isn’t straightforward; it’s a gloomy, shadowy place fraught with danger. This is where your stash of Brightbloom seeds comes into play. Scatter them around you to fend off the darkness and illuminate your path. These seeds not only make your journey less foreboding but also reveal lurking dangers, allowing you to tread more confidently.

One such danger is “gloom,” a sinister, oil-like substance coating the floor of the Depths. Stray into it, and you’ll find yourself in trouble. Thankfully, your Brightbloom seeds also serve to keep this danger at bay. The light emitted from the seeds dissolves the patches of gloom, making it safe to walk over the previously treacherous ground.

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Approaching Ogre Trees and Following Large Poes: A Guide to Finding Lightroot in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As you navigate the Depths, guided by your map pin towards the Korok Forest, you’ll start to notice peculiar trees appearing around you. These are known as ogre trees, so-called because they have faces etched into their bark. These trees serve as a reminder that you’re on the right track; they resemble the enigmatic trees that populate the Lost Woods TOTK. As soon as you spot these trees, understand that you’re nearing your destination.

Your next step involves scaling one of these ogre trees. Here’s where it gets more intriguing. At the top of these trees, you’ll find an entity known as a large poe. These ghostly figures manifest as spectral tear drops, hovering just above the tree branches. Despite their spooky appearance, these large poes serve as your guides. They don’t just sit atop the trees for no reason; they are your beacons in this underground world.

Now, you might wonder, “What’s the role of these large poes?” Well, they direct you. These entities will begin to move from one treetop to another, guiding your way. Your task is simple: follow them. They lead you to a specific destination: a lightroot that glows in the distance. Lightroots are critical in your journey to the Korok Forest, serving as waypoints in the Depths and a source of light stronger than your Brightbloom seeds.

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From Ogre Trees to Ascending into Korok Forest: Mastering the Final Steps in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

After following the large poes and reaching the treetops, your next action is to leap off the ogre tree. Engage your glider and soar through the air, aiming for an area untouched by gloom, the dark, oil-like substance you’ve been keen to avoid. The air feels lighter, the tension lessens, and you realize you’re almost there. The clear land you’re aiming for is the next phase of your subterranean quest, and it gets you one step closer to your goal—Korok Forest.

As you safely land, be sure to steer yourself in the direction of your previously set map pin. Soon, you’ll discover a well-defined path that takes you straight to a very special plant known as the Rikonasum Lightroot. You’ll find this glowing botanical marvel at specific coordinates: (0410, 2131, -0592). The Lightroot serves as more than just a waypoint; it’s also a beacon that practically screams that you’re on the right track. Near this ethereal flora, there’s a large, flat stone platform you can’t miss.

Walk onto this stone stage, and you’ll notice a mound at its center. This is your launch pad. Here, you need to employ your Ascend ability, a special skill that’s critical to your progression in Tears of the Kingdom. Stand firmly on the mound, take a deep breath, and activate Ascend. You’ll feel yourself lift off the platform, rising higher and higher until you break through the ground above. Before you know it, you’ve emerged from the Depths and arrived in the Korok Forest.

Final Steps lost woods totk

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Your Next Mission: Eradicating Gloom and Battling Foes in Korok Forest

Congratulations on making it to Korok Forest! But don’t celebrate just yet; another challenge awaits you. Your next mission is to cleanse this mystical forest of the dark and slippery substance known as gloom. This won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to face menacing creatures like the Gloom Hands and even the formidable Phantom Ganon. Brace yourself; you’re in for a tough fight.

As you wander through the forest, you’ll encounter gloom-covered areas. These patches need cleansing. How do you do it? You’ll often need special items or abilities, so make sure you’re well-equipped. Gloom Hands, eerie appendages made entirely of the dark substance, will emerge from these patches. They’re quick, they’re creepy, and they aim to stop you from purifying their territory. To defeat them, you’ll need both strategy and skill. Quick reflexes will help you dodge their attacks, and powerful strikes will banish them for good.

But that’s not the only obstacle. Phantom Ganon, an ethereal and malevolent entity, guards the deepest pockets of gloom in the forest. Unlike the Gloom Hands, this foe requires meticulous planning and perfect timing to defeat. Phantom Ganon will summon a variety of attacks that can easily overpower you if you’re not careful. Remember, each of his moves has a pattern. Study it. Learn it. When you understand his attacks, you’ll find the perfect moments to counter-strike and weaken him.

Beating Phantom Ganon is the key to fully purging Korok Forest of gloom. Once you defeat this menacing specter, you’ll have completed your mission. The forest will regain its lost luminescence, and peace will return to this magical place. So, gather your courage and your best equipment. You’re going to need both to complete this demanding task successfully. Good luck; you’re going to need it.

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1. Is the Lost Woods in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom the same as in previous Zelda games?

No, while the Lost Woods TOTK retains its classic misty and maze-like characteristics, Tears of the Kingdom introduces new elements like the Depths and the Ascend ability to make the journey slightly easier.

2. What are Brightbloom seeds and where can I find them?

Brightbloom seeds are special items that illuminate your path. They are crucial when navigating darker areas like the Depths. You can usually find them scattered throughout Hyrule or purchase them from merchants.

3. What are the coordinates to find the Minshi Woods chasm?

The coordinates for the Minshi Woods chasm are (1063, 1655, 0167). This location serves as your entry point into the Depths, which eventually leads you to the Korok Forest.

4. What are ogre trees and large poes?

Ogre trees are unique trees found in the Depths with faces on them. Large poes are ghostly figures that guide you through the Depths by pointing from one treetop to another. Both are essential for finding your way to the Korok Forest.

5. What challenges await in the Korok Forest?

After successfully navigating the Lost Woods TOTK and reaching the Korok Forest, you’ll need to clear the area of gloom. This involves battles with Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon, so be prepared for some combat.

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Navigating the Lost Woods in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy, you can make your way to the Korok Forest effortlessly. By following this guide, which covers everything from the initial entry point to using the Depths, ogre trees, and the Ascend ability, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Korok Forest, ready to tackle your next quest. Remember to use Brightbloom seeds for lighting and watch out for the gloom and its menacing inhabitants as you continue your journey in this enchanting world.

Hope this article helped you in Navigating the Lost Woods in Tears of the Kingdom (Lost Woods TOTK). If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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