How to Use Rowlands Map to Follow his Trail

In the captivating world of Hogwarts Legacy, one key task is to use Rowlands Map to follow his trail. This crucial action forms the basis of an intriguing Side Quest, christened “The Tale of Rowland Oakes.” As you dive into the journey, you will receive a treasure map, an integral part of this quest. This guide serves as a detailed beacon, shining light on the solution and precise location for Hogwarts Legacy Rowlands map.

use rowlands map to follow his trail

Resolving this puzzle is a matter of following the map to a specific location. It’s essential to note that the Rowlands map location is a constant, remaining unchanged regardless of the various dynamics of the game. The map bears certain symbols to guide your path. A distinct red circle situated at the map’s top represents the camp where your journey begins, the spot where the map was found.

Furthermore, a red line meticulously drawn across the map serves as your compass, leading the way. It signifies the path that must be followed – a trail running alongside a river towards the west, guiding you to your ultimate destination. Thus, understanding and interpreting the symbols on the map is key to successfully navigating this Side Quest.

Use Rowland’s Map to Follow His Trail

The journey you undertake by following Rowland’s Map is not just a means to an end; it’s a thrilling adventure. This guide will assist you in every step as you navigate the captivating quest, “The Tale of Rowland Oakes,” in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Use Rowlands Map to Follow His Trail:

Where does Rowlands Map Lead

  1. Begin your journey at the Bandit Camp. This is the location where you initially discovered Rowlands Map
    Hogwarts Legacy. Follow the route that leads westward, keeping the river as your visual guide. This path is significant and will take you toward the next phase of your quest.

    rowlands map

  2. Persist in your westward journey until you arrive at the edge of the map. Here, you’ll find the Korrow Ruins, a point marked as a fast-travel location. An interesting spot awaits you here – a Goblin Camp. This marks the conclusion of Rowlands Trail Hogwarts Legacy, signaling the completion of this segment of the treasure hunt. If you have previously activated the Fast Travel Point at the Korrow Ruins, you have the option to bypass the walk entirely. You can instantly teleport or ‘fast travel’ directly to the endpoint.
  3. Upon reaching the Goblin Camp, locate a ladder situated to your left and ascend. Once you’ve climbed up, turn in the right direction. Prepare for a battle as you’ll encounter a group of goblins that need to be defeated. After overcoming these adversaries, you can then proceed to enter the gate that leads to a dungeon. Here, several remaining objectives await you. Delve deeper into the dungeon until you find Rowland, hidden at the furthest end of the cave. Your final task in this dungeon is to locate and deliver Rowland’s wand to him. You’ll find this magical instrument somewhere within the same dungeon.

The aforementioned steps lay out the roadmap for your journey as you use Rowland’s Map to follow his trail in the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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Using Rowland’s Map to navigate his trail is a fascinating aspect of Hogwarts Legacy, intricately woven into the Side Quest “The Tale of Rowland Oakes.” This guide provided a detailed walkthrough, from the Bandit Camp, along the westward path by the river, to the end destination at the Goblin Camp. Along the way, you tackled challenges, completed objectives, and discovered the Korrow Ruins’ fast travel point. The adventure within the dungeon required strategic thinking and culminated in finding Rowland and reuniting him with his wand. Hence, the quest not only pushes your navigation skills but also enhances your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, all while keeping you thoroughly engaged in the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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What is the main objective of using Rowland’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy?

The main objective is to follow the trail of Rowland Oakes for the Side Quest titled “The Tale of Rowland Oakes”. The map serves as a guide to the destination and aids in the completion of the quest.

Where do I find Rowland’s Map?

Rowland’s Map is found at the Bandit Camp, indicated by the red circle at the top of the treasure map.

What is the role of the red line on Rowland’s Map?

The red line serves as a guide, directing you to follow the path along the river towards the west to reach the final destination of the quest.

What is the significance of the Korrow Ruins in the quest?

The Korrow Ruins is the location of a fast travel point on the map. It marks the edge of the map and is close to the Goblin Camp, the endpoint of Rowland’s Trail.

Can I skip the walk to the Goblin Camp if I have already unlocked the Fast Travel Point at the Korrow Ruins?

Yes, if the Fast Travel Point at the Korrow Ruins has been unlocked previously, you can skip the walk and fast travel directly to the Goblin Camp.

What do I need to do at the Goblin Camp?

At the Goblin Camp, you need to climb a ladder, defeat the resident goblins, and enter a dungeon. Inside the dungeon, you need to complete several objectives, the final one being to find Rowland and hand him his wand.

Where can I find Rowland’s wand?

Rowland’s wand is found inside the same dungeon where you find Rowland at the end of the cave.

Hope this article helps you in learning how to use Rowlands map to follow his trail. If you have any queries left, let us know in the comments.

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