Top 10 Minecraft Fountain Designs

Unleash Your Creativity with Minecraft Fountains

10 Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Minecraft is a game that allows players to express their creativity by constructing various structures and landscapes. One way to add a touch of elegance to your Minecraft world is by building a fountain. In this guide, we will explore the following 10 different Minecraft fountain designs that cater to varying levels of complexity and style:

  1. Basic Fountain.
  2. Petite Fountain.
  3. Frog Fountain.
  4. Statue Fountain.
  5. Medieval Fountain.
  6. Floral Fountain.
  7. Modern Fountain.
  8. Quartz  Fountain.
  9. Illuminated Fountain.
  10. Lava Fountain.

So, grab your blocks and water, and let’s get building!


Basic Minecraft Fountain: A Simple and Quick-to-Build Fountain


This basic Minecraft fountain is a quick and easy option for any game mode. With just stone bricks and water, you can construct this simple yet elegant fountain by creating a circle with the bricks and adding water in the center. This design works well in any setting and is perfect for beginners.

Petite Minecraft Fountain: A Small but Charming Water Feature



This small fountain boasts a more intricate design than the basic option but remains simple to build. Using stone brick stairs, create a deeper basin and a central structure with alternating stair positions. Adding flowers around the fountain will enhance its beauty.

Minecraft Frog Fountain: A Unique Fountain for Wetlands


The frog fountain is perfect for wetland environments or custom-built water areas. Begin by constructing a black block base and using stairs, stone blocks, and andesite blocks to create the frog’s shape. Position the stairs correctly to form the mouth and add water inside the frog to simulate its tongue.

Minecraft Statue Fountain: A Majestic Centerpiece for Your World


This stunning statue fountain is easier to build than it appears. Start by creating an 8×8 square base, two blocks high, with a combination of stone brick stairs, stones, and andesite. Build the statue using stone blocks and andesite, with stairs for the knees and feet. Add water to the highest hand and incorporate plants for a finishing touch.

Medieval Fountain: A Rustic Water Feature for a Classic Look


The medieval fountain combines simplicity with a rustic design. Use cobblestone to create the base and central structure, then carve a hole to add depth. Complete the fountain with two layers of cobblestone stairs and fill it with water.

Floral Fountain: A Blossoming Beauty for Your Garden

floral minecraft fountain

This floral fountain features stone bricks for the base and grass blocks inside for planting flowers. Construct a central column using a stone brick wall and two layers of stone bricks for added visual appeal. Complete the design by adding water.

Minecraft Modern Fountain: A Sleek and Contemporary Water Structure


This modern fountain, built using sandstone or quartz blocks, offers a more complex and sophisticated design. Begin by creating a 3×3 central column with a hollow center for the water channel. Complete the base with rectangles and squares, then add water to these areas.

Minecraft Quartz Fountain: A Luxurious Blend of Stone and Quartz


This quartz fountain combines stone blocks and cobblestone for an opulent look. Begin by constructing a large, mixed-material base and building the central structure with stone and quartz. Add water to the designated areas, and surround the base with leaf blocks for a refined appearance.

Minecraft Illuminated Fountain: A Stunning Fountain for Day and Night


This intricate illuminated fountain adds elegance to your world day and night. Construct the base using stone brick stairs and create three layers, each smaller than the last. Place a sea lantern inside the fountain, add water, and enjoy your masterpiece.

Lava Fountain: A Heart-Warming, Blistering Sight

minecraft fountain lava

Craft a lava fountain using polished Blackstone stairs for a circular base. Replace the ground inside the circle with polished Blackstone and build up the center using polished black stone and Blackstone stairs. Add lava source blocks and wait for the flow.

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These 10 Minecraft fountain ideas will undoubtedly enhance your game world’s beauty. Showcase your building skills by constructing one or more of these fountains, and share your creations on social media. Tell us in the comments how was your experience building these fountains and which one is your favorite. Happy building!

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