WDYM Meaning & How to Use It

WDYM Meaning

You might have come across the acronym WDYM and wondered what it means. This abbreviation is informal and is mostly used while texting or on social media platforms and other online forums where an informal conversation is conducted. WDYM’s meaning is mostly an expression of confusion. And it is used in fast-paced chatting to save time by writing 4 letters instead of a full sentence. A frequently used alternative is WYM “What You Mean”. Other similar acronyms used in this context are IDK (I Don’t Know) and IDGI (I Don’t Get it).

WDYM Meaning

WYDM stands for

W: What

D: Do

Y: You

M: Mean

History of WDYM

The origin of WDYM can be traced to the late 2000s as the online evidence of its use shows. The first definition of WDYM is given by Urban Dictionary in 2007 as a slang term.

The use of this acronym began with the trend of SMS text messaging where it got into frequent use because it is convenient to type. It was also used in direct messaging applications like AOL Instant Messenger.

Then youth started using it in internet conversations and on social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok. Gradually, it became an internet catchphrase as a response to any confusing thing. Justin Bieber even wrote a song titled “What Do You Mean” describing a partner who does not make sense.

WDYM emoji

When to Use WDYM

WDYM is an informal acronym, so it should only be used in informal conversations like when chatting with friends or in any unofficial communication on the internet.

WDYM is majorly used when faced with something that does not make sense. The purpose in that case is to ask for an explanation that would help in understanding the matter.


For instance, your friend asks you, “Who are they calling as a speaker for the seminar?” And you are unaware of any seminar that is being held. Then you would reply “WDYM”, showing your confusion on the topic and asking for more explanation.

Another usage of WDYM is to make a remark instead of asking for information. You might reply with WDYM if you find something offensive and you want to bring it to the notice of the other person that they have said something that has offended you.


You have shared a pic of your cat pet that you like a lot. Your friend looks at it and comments, “What is this ugly creature that you have brought home?” Now you can reply “WDYM” and that would be a trendy way to make a point that I find your comment offensive. Here, the purpose of using WDYM is not to inquire about any information or explanation. You are not using WDYM because something did not make sense, instead, you are using it to make a remark.

In a Nutshell

WDYM is an acronym that is frequently used nowadays in online chats and texting. It is more popular because it is convenient to type and saves time. Also because it has become an accepted term to communicate confusion and in some cases, offense. You should avoid using it in formal settings since it is slang. So when in an informal conversation, you want to express confusion or point out the offense, WDYM is your go-to term.

So, did you get a clear understanding of WDYM’s meaning from this article? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you are interested in learning about other internet acronyms, check out our articles on HYD , NTY, and┬áTIFU.

Happy chatting!!!

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