A Review of Branch Ergonomic Chair

The Branch Ergonomic Chair can be a valuable addition for those who spend significant portions of their days sitting at a computer. It becomes crucial to prioritize comfort and support to enhance productivity and promote overall well-being. Standing desks have gained popularity for promoting activity during the workday. However, it’s inevitable that there will be times when you’ll need to sit, and in such situations, an ergonomic chair becomes indispensable. Ergonomically designed chairs, like the Branch Ergonomic Chair, are designed to support correct posture and deter harmful slouching habits.

Branch Ergonomic Chair


The story of the Branch Ergonomic Chair originates from the experiences of Greg Hayes. Working in a commercial real estate startup, where he was involved in furnishing multiple offices, Hayes recognized the challenges businesses faced when purchasing office furniture. Understanding the complexities of this process, Hayes launched his own office furniture company, Bureau, in 2018. Later renamed Branch, the company transitioned into a direct-to-consumer model last year. Branch’s current lineup includes a variety of standing desks and office chairs, all designed with the aim of elevating workspaces.

This review provides a comprehensive look at one of the Branch’s standout offerings, the Ergonomic Chair. With an emphasis on its design, build quality, assembly procedure, and comfort, this review aims to offer insights to help you determine if this is the right chair for your needs. Whether your workspace is in a formal office or a home setup, understanding the features and benefits of this chair could assist you in making an informed decision.

Alternatively, if your primary focus is gaming rather than work, you might want to explore some of the top-rated gaming chairs on the market. These chairs are specifically designed to provide comfort and support during prolonged gaming sessions.

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Branch Ergonomic Chair: Affordable Posture Improvement Solution

Key Points:

  • The Branch Ergonomic Chair offers an affordable solution for improving posture while working remotely or at the office.
  • The removable lumbar rest provided excellent support, enabling us to maintain a comfortable and upright sitting position during work.
  • With its seven points of adjustment, the chair allowed us to easily find the perfect fit tailored to our individual needs.
  • The availability of various seat and frame color options allows for customization, ensuring your chair can either make a bold statement or blend seamlessly with your workspace.


  • A striking two-tone design enhances the visual appeal.
  • Comes with a generous seven-year warranty for long-term peace of mind.
  • Removable lumbar rest provides additional support for enhanced comfort.
  • The chair features a spacious and comfortable seat cushion.


  • Lacks a paper instruction manual, requiring alternative sources for guidance.
  • Armrest depth cannot be locked in place, potentially affecting stability.
  • The black frame option is only available in combination with a black seat.

Price, Options, and Customer Policies

You can get your hands on the Branch Ergonomic Chair straight from the official Branch website. As of now, the price stands at $329. Yet, there’s an opportunity for a bit of a saving if you prefer a certain aesthetic. The option with a black seat and black frame is a slightly less expensive choice, costing you $299. This variation not only offers a sleek, professional look but also gives you a budget-friendly alternative.

chair pricing

What makes Branch’s offering even more appealing is its customer-friendly policies. Whether you go for the standard configuration or choose the black-on-black version, Branch offers the benefit of free shipping. This means you won’t have to worry about any additional costs attached to your purchase – the price you see is the price you pay.

Moreover, the Branch Ergonomic Chair is backed by an impressive seven-year warranty. This provides assurance to the buyer, demonstrating Branch’s confidence in its product and its commitment to customer satisfaction. So, regardless of your chosen configuration, you can rest easy knowing that your investment in this ergonomic chair comes with years of guaranteed service. This warranty, combined with free shipping, creates an appealing package for those looking to upgrade their office or work-from-home setup.

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Insight into the Design and Quality of the Branch Ergonomic Chair

The Branch Ergonomic Chair presents multiple options to cater to the individual’s preference for design and comfort. This ergonomic chair provides an array of customization, from two-tone or monochromatic designs to varied color choices. You can choose a seat cushion and backrest in shades of black, grey, or light blue, and complement them with either a white or black frame. It’s worth noting, though, that the black frame only pairs with the black seat cushion and backrest.

Backrest and Armrests


Branch Ergonomic Chair backrest


Focusing on the chair’s backrest, measures 20 inches in width and 21 inches in height, striking a balance between spaciousness and support. The backrest consists of a double-layered mesh with accent lines that add to the aesthetic appeal while enhancing breathability. The external frame of the backrest, the armrest handles, and the underside of the seat are constructed from a durable white polymer. Grey armrests and a detachable lumbar rest add to the ergonomic features of this chair.

Branch Ergonomic Chair armrest


Seat cushion

The Branch Ergonomic Chair’s seat cushion is designed with high-density foam. This sturdy cushion can comfortably support weight up to 300 lbs or 136 kg, implying its impressive durability. Moreover, Branch designed the cushion for prolonged usage, promising comfort even beyond eight hours of sitting. The cushion is adjustable in depth up to three inches and can be maintained easily with standard upholstery cleaners meant for nylon fabrics.


Branch Ergonomic Chair levers


An examination of the chair’s underside reveals two levers for adjustability. The right-side lever modifies the chair’s height, ranging from 17 to 21 inches, whereas the left-side lever manages the tilt. The chair provides a generous 21-degree tilt, with four positions that can be locked for personal comfort. Lastly, the chair stands on a sturdy silver aluminum base fitted with five 2.5-inch scratch-resistant casters. These casters are designed to glide smoothly on various flooring types, including wood and carpet.

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Unpacking and Assembling the Branch Ergonomic Chair

The packaging is securely bound by two strands of yellow plastic strapping to shield the chair during transit.


Once you unbox, a multitude of individual elements emerge. These components include the backrest, a pair of armrests, the seat, the adjustment mechanism, the starbase, and the cylinder meant to connect the base and the seat. Additionally, it contains five casters and an array of assembly parts required for the chair’s construction.

Branch Ergonomic Chair parts

To begin with the assembly, the first step is to insert the casters into the designated holes at the base’s bottom. Following this step, the base is turned upside down to allow for the larger end of the cylinder to be inserted into the base’s central hole.

The next stage of the process involves coupling the backrest with the adjustment mechanism. This task necessitates the use of three spring washers, three black bolts, and three flat washers. These components are secured in place using the provided Allen key. Following this, the backrest and adjustment mechanism assembly is mounted onto the cylinder and firmly pressed downwards for a secure fit.

The two armrests are then affixed to the seat cushion’s underside using a pair of bolts and flat washers. After tightening these bolts, the seat cushion is slid onto the chair frame and pushed towards the base’s rear until a subtle click is heard, indicating successful attachment.

QR code for assembly instructions

While the assembly of the Branch Ergonomic Chair is relatively straightforward and manageable by a single person, the instructions may be less convenient for some. Rather than providing a traditional manual, Branch has opted for a QR code to access assembly instructions digitally. This code can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet for a convenient, on-hand guide, or printed out for those who prefer a tangible reference.

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Using the Branch Ergonomic Chair: A Comfortable Experience

Upon the completion of the assembly of the Branch Ergonomic Chair, adjustments in various areas were essential to ensure personalized comfort. These modifications encompassed aspects such as the height of the chair, the depth of the armrests and seat, and the position of the lumbar system.

Height and Depth

The chair’s height adjustment was achieved using a lever located on the right side of the seat cushion. On the flip side, the left side houses another lever, responsible for making alterations to the tilt of the chair. The depth of the seat was modifiable using a small white lever towards the front-right side of the seat cushion. After finding the optimal seat depth, the lever is released, thus locking the seat at the chosen depth. Adjusting the lumbar rest is simple. The two handles on either side are grasped. And the rest can be either elevated or lowered to the user’s liking.


The armrests possess a similar adjustment mechanism. You can change the width of the armrests by pulling out the levers located on both sides and sliding the base of each arm either outwards or inwards. The right width is then locked in place by pushing the levers back in. Adjusting the armrests’ height requires the user to push and hold a button under each armrest while moving them up or down. The depth of the armrests is adjusted by grabbing the top and sliding it either forward or backward. It is best done while sitting in the chair.

We put the Branch Ergonomic Chair to the test using the company’s standing desk, which was recently reviewed. Initial disappointment regarding the absence of a headrest was quickly dispelled by the lumbar rest’s impressive design that encouraged straight posture, thereby making a headrest seem unnecessary. The Branch Ergonomic Chair’s movement was smooth and effortless on hardwood floors while testing on a carpeted surface yielded equally satisfactory results.

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Explore a Range of Office Chairs for Your Comfort and Budget

Looking for a wide variety of office chairs that fit your budget? Look no further than Vari’s extensive collection. They offer an excellent selection of office chairs that are priced similarly to the Branch Ergonomic Chair. One option is the Task Chair, priced at $330, available in sleek black or elegant grey. If you prefer the grey model, it is slightly pricier at $360. Additionally, if a headrest is a non-negotiable feature for you, Vari also offers the Task Chair with Headrest, starting at $385.

Razor Task Chair

If the ergonomic design is your priority, the Razor Task Chair from Clear Design deserves your attention. However, it’s important to note that you won’t find this chair directly from the manufacturer. Instead, you can explore Juniper Office. It is an online retailer that offers the Razor Task Chair for $442 (current price at the time of writing). The Razor Task Chair also gives you the opportunity to customize it with 15 different fabric options. To explore these customization options, simply reach out to Juniper Office directly.

Vari's range of office chairs

With Vari‘s range of office chairs and the Razor Task Chair from Clear Design, you can discover a chair that not only meets your ergonomic needs but also matches your preferred style. Take your time exploring these options to find the perfect office chair. The one that will enhance your comfort and productivity throughout the day.

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Final Thoughts

Do you find yourself fatigued or in pain after prolonged periods in front of a computer? Then, the Branch Ergonomic Chair could be the perfect office chair upgrade. Its adjustability allows you to customize the fit based on your body’s shape and size. Plus, it comes with an impressive seven-year warranty, ensuring long-term use.

The chair’s suitability for eight-hour workdays and beyond is supported by our experience, and the lumbar rest improves posture. Additionally, the Branch Ergonomic Chair offers various color options and a sleek design. This allows you to choose between a vibrant or professional look.

In terms of affordability, the Branch Ergonomic Chair provides excellent value for money. It delivers a fantastic office chair experience without breaking the bank. If you need a new office chair that prioritizes comfort, style, and affordability, the Branch Ergonomic Chair is the ideal choice. It meets all the requirements and guarantees an enhanced work experience.

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Why should I invest in a comfortable office chair like the Branch Ergonomic Chair?

Investing in a comfortable office chair can help improve your posture and overall well-being, especially if you spend long hours working at a computer. It can boost productivity and prevent slouching, promoting a healthier work environment.

How did Branch transition from a commercial real estate startup to a direct-to-consumer office furniture company?

Branch was founded by Greg Hayes, who realized the challenges businesses face when purchasing office furniture. In 2018, he started a direct-to-enterprise office furniture company called Bureau, which later became Branch. Last year, Branch shifted its focus to direct-to-consumer sales, offering standing desks and office chairs.

Where can I purchase the Branch Ergonomic Chair and what is the pricing?

The Branch Ergonomic Chair is available directly on the Branch website. At the time of writing, it is priced at $329, with a discounted option of $299 for the black seat and black frame configuration. Free shipping and a seven-year warranty are included with every purchase.

What are the design options available for the Branch Ergonomic Chair?

The chair offers various design configurations, including two-tone or monochromatic options. You can choose between a black, grey, or light blue seat cushion and backrest, along with a white or black frame. The black frame option is only available with the black seat cushion and backrest.

How is the Branch Ergonomic Chair assembled?

The chair comes disassembled but is straightforward to put together. The package includes the backrest, armrests, seat, adjustment mechanism, star base, cylinder, and casters. Instructions can be accessed via a QR code or printed out. It’s a one-person assembly process involving attaching parts and securing them using provided bolts and washers.

What adjustments and features does the Branch Ergonomic Chair offer?

The chair allows height adjustment (17in – 21in) and tilt control. The seat depth can be adjusted using a lever, while the removable lumbar rest is adjustable. The armrests can be adjusted for width, height, and depth. The chair features a sturdy base with scratch-proof casters suitable for various floor types.

How does the Branch Ergonomic Chair perform in terms of comfort?

The chair is designed for extended use (over eight hours) and offers customization options to achieve a comfortable fit. The lumbar rest provides excellent support, while the high-density foam seat cushion ensures comfort for up to 300lbs. Users can adjust the chair to their preferred settings for optimal comfort during work.

Are there any alternatives to consider at a similar price point?

Vari’s Task Chair is worth exploring, available for $330 like the Branch Ergonomic Chair. It comes in black or grey, with the grey model slightly more expensive at $360. Vari also offers a Task Chair with Headrest starting at $385. Additionally, the Razor Task Chair from Clear Design is an ergonomic option, but it requires purchasing from an online retailer like Juniper Office for $442.

What is the final verdict on the Branch Ergonomic Chair?

The Branch Ergonomic Chair is highly recommended as an office chair upgrade, particularly for individuals experiencing fatigue or discomfort during prolonged computer use. Its adjustability allows for a customized fit, and the seven-year warranty ensures long-term use. The lumbar rest promotes improved posture, and the chair’s design options cater to personal preferences. Overall, it offers a great experience without compromising affordability.

Hope this article helps you in learning everything you wanted to know about the Branch Ergonomic Chair. If you have any queries left, let us know in the comments.

Enjoy Working with the Branch Ergonomic Chair!!!

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