Find the Fifth Sage TOTK in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In your journey to “find the fifth sage totk” in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you are presented with a quest of utmost significance. The mission, rightfully titled “Find the Fifth Sage TOTK,” is handed down to players by the wise Purah. As you embark on this enthralling quest, it promises a thrilling adventure that begins at the historic Ring Ruins situated in the iconic Kakariko Village. From there, players are taken on a soaring journey to the Thunderhead Isles, suspended magically in the sky. Your odyssey doesn’t stop there. It ultimately leads you to the enigmatic Spirit Temple, which resides in the shadowy recesses of the Depths.

find the fifth sage totk

To successfully navigate this multifaceted quest, preparation is essential. Players must be aware that there are specific tasks to accomplish and essential items to gather before they can dive deep into the heart of the “Find the Fifth Sage TOTK” mission. Being unprepared or lacking the necessary tools can easily derail your pursuit, making the already challenging quest even more daunting.

But fret not, adventurers. This guide is meticulously crafted to support and guide you every step of the way. It serves as a beacon, illuminating the path you need to tread. First and foremost, the guide delves into the initiation of the “Find the Fifth Sage TOTK” quest, providing crucial insights and directions. Subsequently, it offers detailed steps on mastering the “Secret of the Ring Ruins,” which forms the foundational phase of your mission. But that’s not all. As you advance, navigating the tumultuous environment around the Thunderhead Isles becomes crucial. The guide sheds light on how to dispel the looming storm that clouds the isles, ensuring a safe passage. Lastly, it provides comprehensive directions to triumph in the “Guidance from Ages Past,” a segment that is integral to the success of the primary mission.

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To kick off the “Search for the Fifth Sage Tears of the Kingdom” mission, there are prerequisites you must fulfill. Firstly, ensure you have successfully navigated through all four designated “Regional Phenomena” areas. Another key milestone is discovering Zelda during the “Crisis in Hyrule Castle” episode. Once these critical stages are behind you, you’ll find characters like Tulin, Yunobo, Sidon, and Riju discussing a glaring absence in their group – a missing Sage. This cues your interaction with Purah. Approach her, and she’ll entrust you with the significant responsibility of tracking down the elusive TOTK fifth sage, known as Mineru.

Find the Fifth Sage TOTK: the sage

Venturing into this mission isn’t a walk in the park; it demands meticulous preparation and a keen sense of exploration. As you traverse diverse terrains and confront challenges, having the right resources becomes imperative. Here are our top recommendations for a smooth journey:

  1. Brightbloom Seeds Galore: The Depths, a crucial location in your quest, is shrouded in darkness. Amass a substantial collection of brightbloom seeds; these are essential to illuminate your path and make navigation feasible.
  2. Thunderstorm-Ready Arsenal: Your journey will expose you to unpredictable weather, especially thunderstorms. Equip yourself with non-metal weapons to prevent being a lightning magnet during such episodes.
  3. Equip Shock-Resistance Gear: Thunderstorms aren’t just about lightning; they’re also about potential electric shocks. Whether you opt for the specially designed Rubber Armor or decide to consume shock-resistant food and elixirs, ensure you’re protected from electric jolts.

Lastly, there’s a non-negotiable requirement for this mission: your character must possess a minimum of 10 hearts. Additionally, the camera feature on your Purah Pad is indispensable. If your Purah Pad lacks this functionality, it’s wise to first accomplish the “Camera Work in the Depths” task. Only then should you proceed further in your quest to find Mineru, the TOTK 5th sage.

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The initial phase of your journey to “Find the Fifth Sage” immerses you in the “Mysteries of the Ring Ruins” mission. Engaging with Purah offers essential insights. She alludes to “the ancient ruins echoing tales of yore” guiding you toward your next destination. These are none other than the Ring Ruins situated just beyond the perimeters of Kakariko Village. For some players, these ruins might ring a bell, especially if you’ve previously embarked on the “A Journey Through Antiquity” adventure.

Our meticulously curated “Mysteries of the Ring Ruins” guide is designed to ensure you navigate this quest seamlessly. Following the steps and insights provided will ensure you not only master this quest but also prepare adequately for the subsequent stages of the “TOTK Find the Fifth Sage” journey.

An important pointer for adventurers: Engaging in this subquest is technically optional. However, we firmly advocate for its completion, and here’s why: The southern sky islands are blanketed by a looming darkness, a veil of heavy clouds and relentless storms. While the tempest around Thunderhead Isles persists, successfully navigating the “Mysteries of the Ring Ruins” mission offers a silver lining. It dissipates the obscurity engulfing Dragonhead Island, revealing previously hidden islands on your navigation map. This clarity significantly eases the challenges faced in the overarching “Find the 5th sage Tears of the Kingdom” mission.

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Missed out on the “Mysteries of the Ring Ruins”? No worries. Accessing the storm-laden Thunderhead Isles isn’t too complex. To initiate your journey, employ the Recall ability on the debris that descends from the skies. During our expedition, we traversed the region beneath, stumbling upon an apt rock. From there, we took a leap and soared over.

A word of caution: The Thunderhead Isles often suffer from poor visibility. Although giving exact directional cues proves challenging, we advise adventurers to steer toward the coordinates (1386, -3370, 0467). A distinct cavity located here serves as the gateway to this ethereal sky island, leading you straight to the enigmatic Joku-u Shrine.

find the fifth sage totk: Joku-u Shrine

But, if you’ve successfully navigated the “Mysteries of the Ring Ruins”… Your vantage point should be atop the Thunderhead Isles, accessible through the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. From this elevation, a modest ascent on the isles lets you glide effortlessly to the Dragonhead Isle situated beneath the Thunderhead domain. Central to Dragonhead, an intriguing edifice beckons, guiding you back to the familiar Joku-u Shrine.

Illustration: Link from Tears of the Kingdom is seen approaching a sky island construction. Image Credits: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon Upon your arrival at the shrine, you’ll observe obstructive vines. Deploy fire to eliminate them and delve deeper into the island’s secrets.

Adjacent to your path stands a divine statue, awaiting any accumulated Blessings of Light for offerings. Ahead, a door looms, demanding a toll of 10 hearts to grant passage. If you find yourself short, contemplate trading with the sinister demon statue or venture out, exploring more shrines, and return fortified.

Beyond the door, a foreboding mask awaits your presence. Engage with it, and brace yourself for the ensuing segment of your adventure.

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The very moment you touch the mysterious mask, the journey for the “Lessons from Ancient Times” mission unfurls. Serving as the most extended segment in the “Discover the Fifth Sage” saga, this mission propels you into the enigmatic Depths. Here, you face the formidable challenge of battling the Seized Construct. Overcoming this test rewards you with Mineru’s prized construct.

This “Lessons from Ancient Times” mission is layered with complexities. However, worry not. We have curated a detailed walkthrough to steer you seamlessly through each twist and turn. Following our guidelines will ensure a thorough and successful completion of this captivating quest.

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Post your success with “Guidance from Ages Past” and the acquisition of Mineru’s coveted Sage ability, your path leads you back to Purah. Engaging in a conversation with her not only brings closure to the “Discover Tears of the Kingdom Fifth Sage” mission but also concludes the formidable “Crisis in Hyrule” quest.

Following this, Purah sets you on your ultimate challenge: the mission titled “Vanquish Ganondorf.” This mission signifies the culmination of the game’s narrative and the final battle that awaits.

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