How to Access Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom

The “water temple Tears of the Kingdom” is a crucial milestone in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s here, after a compelling journey with Sidon, that players will face a momentous climax. The path leading to this temple begins at Wellspring Island.

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water temple tears of the kingdom

Upon launching from Wellspring Island, propelled by the force of a waterfall, players find themselves on a seemingly modest sky island. This is no ordinary place; it’s the Water Temple TOTK. As players land, Link and Sidon share a few words, deepening their bond and hinting at the challenges ahead. Before embarking on the temple’s mysteries, players can approach and interact with a prominent altar. This significant action registers the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom on their map, making it an easily accessible fast travel point for future visits.

Despite its deceptively small exterior, the TOTK Water Temple houses an array of intricate puzzles. These conundrums, designed to test the wits of players, can leave many scratching their heads in confusion. But the real test of courage and skill lies in the confrontation with the temple’s formidable boss. A daunting adversary awaits, demanding both strategy and dexterity.

For those daring enough to tackle the Water Temple’s challenges, guidance is at hand. This guide offers insights into unraveling the temple’s secrets and prepares players for what lies within. Knowing what to expect and mastering the tactics to overcome obstacles will be essential for success. So, gear up, delve deep into the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom, and embrace the adventure that beckons.

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Beginning Your Journey In the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom

After securing the Zelda Water Temple as a fast-travel point on your map, you’re in a favorable position. Should you feel the need to restock on supplies like food or gather materials, you can depart without fretting about navigating a vast island terrain again upon your return. It’s advisable to be well-equipped. Ensure you have food, splash fruit, and arrows with you.

Your next mission within the temple involves activating four water valves. These valves will help you clear the obstructing sludge that hampers your progress. We’ve mapped out the locations of these valves from the leftmost to the rightmost for ease of reference. However, it’s essential to note that there’s no mandatory sequence in which you must tackle them. The choice is yours, offering flexibility in how you approach this challenge.

The ever-loyal Sidon will once again be by your side. His unique aquatic powers will be crucial in aiding your journey through the temple. Remember to engage with him whenever you need to harness his water-related abilities. These interactions will be reminiscent of the strategy you employed during the “Sludge Like” combat scenario. As for the climactic confrontation with the total Water Temple’s main adversary, it’s wise to retain any Zonai hydrant capsules you might possess. They could play a pivotal role in ensuring your triumph over the formidable temple boss.

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Navigating Your Way To The Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom

Embarking on the journey to the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom entails a few preliminary tasks. Start by undertaking the mission titled “Sidon of the Zora”, available in Zora’s Domain. This mission is your ticket to unlocking the path to the temple.

Your initial challenge involves a visit to the Ancient Zora Waterworks. Here, your task is to clear any obstructions, ensuring the water flows freely once again. Once you successfully navigate this phase, your next destination beckons: Wellspring Island. Located high up among the clouds, this sky-bound island will be your final stop before the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom.

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Treasures Within the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom

Upon exploring the intricate chambers of the Tears of the Kingdom Water Temple, adventurers will stumble upon a myriad of valuable chests. Inside these concealed containers, one can discover:

  • A Zora shield, notable for its unique design and durability.
  • A sizable Zonaite, a rare and precious gem.
  • The formidable Zonaite longsword, is known for its strength and craftsmanship.
  • A quiver containing five arrows, essential for those unexpected encounters.
  • An opal, a shimmering gemstone of beauty and worth.

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Navigating To the Initial Valve In the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom

Path to the Elevated Terrains

Immediately within the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Water Temple, you’ll recognize that there’s predominantly a single clear path leading to the elevated terrains. To initiate your journey, move towards the southwest direction. Here, you’ll spot platforms resembling remnants of a fractured bridge. Given the diminished gravity of the islands, Link possesses the advantage to leap and smoothly glide upwards.

Encounter with the Constructs

Upon reaching the upper echelon, brace yourself. Three constructs lie in wait, prepared to challenge any intruders. To counter them, deploy a splash fruit arrow. This not only fends them off but also helps in clearing the accumulated mud obscuring a levitating waterfall towards the south. Make your way up this waterfall, and as a reward, you’ll unearth a chest bestowing the Zora Shield.

water temple tears of the kingdom valve 1 water temple tears of the kingdom valve 1 water temple tears of the kingdom valve1

The Stone Landing and the Waterfall Challenge

The setting then evolves into an artistic stony base. In front of Link is a rock column, adorned with a mud-blocked waterfall. An overlaid arrow signals that this muddy obstruction needs clearance. In close proximity, a device designed to produce water bubbles points towards the upper platforms. Unfortunately, mud covers it. This is where Sidon’s invaluable water skill comes into play, effortlessly clearing the obstruction.

Introducing Sidon and the Water Spout

For a clearer visual context, Sidon – an intriguing blend of a shark and human – is seen adjacent to a cerulean stone platform. This platform features a water jet choked by dense mud. Clearing this mud unveils a water bubble gushing from the spout.

The Ultrahand Sequence

Your next task involves the Ultrahand. Employ it to grasp the luminescent orb from the water, subsequently positioning it inside a water bubble. This sends it aloft to the platform above. Alight there by hopping into another bubble.

Unlocking the Cage & Activating the Valve

Using the Ultrahand once more, align the ball atop the radiant aperture. Though it doesn’t enter, it hovers perfectly. Subsequently, connect the Ultrahand to the hovering platforms and latch it onto the apex of a large floodgate. A simple strike activates the platform. Engage the Ultrahand to elevate the floodgate, causing the trapped water to evacuate and the orb descends, settling into its designated cavity. This sequence unlocks a cage, revealing a wheel governing a valve.

Conclusion: Return to the Temple’s Core

To activate this valve, employ Sidon’s water technique. Once done, ensure you return to the central sector of the Zelda TOTK Water Temple.

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Activating the Temple’s Second Valve

Returning to the Fractured Bridge

The subsequent valve is located deeper within the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom, on an inferior level. Start your journey back to the fractured bridge, which earlier led you to the initial valve. From there, descend and follow the pathway leading beneath the temple’s structure.

Visual Cue: Picture a stone bridge interrupted at its midpoint. With Link on the proximate end, directions advise leaping down and curving left around the bridge’s termination.

Utilizing Sidon’s Abilities

Arm yourself with Sidon’s unique water shield capability. It’s your key to breezing through the flame-obstructed entrance. Inside, a task awaits: transporting a radiant orb across a dangerous spike-laden pit to the entrance. Here, the Ultrahand comes into play. Adjust the floating platforms to form a bridge, ensuring the orb’s safe passage. A pro-tip: anchor the orb to these platforms using the Ultrahand for optimal control.

Platform Activation: Engage these platforms with a gentle nudge, either through weaponry or arrows.

water temple tears of the kingdom valve 2

Reclaiming the Zonaite

Target a particular floating platform harboring a chest. By firing an arrow, you’ll coax it to descend, revealing a coveted prize—a large zonaite.

Observation Point: From Link’s perspective, the ceiling exhibits luminous green markers. These guide where his Ascend power is operational, enabling vertical propulsion.

Navigating Obstacles

Upon confronting the wall, choices emerge. Craft a makeshift staircase with the platforms or invoke the Ascend power on a solitary floating platform for swift ascent.

Orb Relocation: The Ultrahand aids in affixing the orb to a platform’s center. Manipulate it, steering the platform to guide the orb into its designated slot.

Guidance Visual: Link’s Ultrahand bathes a platform in a green sheen, a delineation showcasing the platform’s adjustable orientation and the orb it supports.

Concluding Steps

Use another platform, pressing it onto a square switch adjacent to a door, paving the way for Sidon. With Sidon by your side, employ his skill set to interact with the water wheel, now within reach. Concluding these steps, swiftly return to the Water Temple’s main chamber.

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Locating the Third Valve: Navigating the Water Temple

Combatting Temple’s Guardians

By now, within the core region of the Water Temple, you might spot a construct and several chuchus. They stand as barriers to your progress. Ensure you deal with these adversaries promptly.

Targeting the Obstructed Waterfall

Position yourself and aim. With an arrow combined with a splash fruit, target the northeastern clogged waterfall. Here’s a reference:

  • A depiction of Link highlights him confronting a towering stone pillar centrally placed in a vast stone square. The apex of this pillar displays evident blockage from mud, preventing a natural waterfall’s flow.

water temple tears of the kingdom valve 3

Ascending and Facing the Fiery Guardian

Venture up the waterfall, and a fiery adversary emerges on your right. Engage and eliminate this threat. Triumph over it yields a valuable prize: a robust zonaite longsword. Although tempted, reserve the exploration of this spot for later and continue on your set path.

  • A scene portrays Link dynamically dashing through an expansive space, heading towards a muddy hill with noticeable rock and a spout protruding from its summit. A distant view reveals a water bubble propelling a platform skyward.
Uncovering the Hidden Treasure and Climbing Up

Engage Sidon’s specialized water capability targeting the mud-covered mound from the above imagery. Successful clearing unveils a chest treasure of five arrows. Pursue the ascent by climbing the debris, and then invoke the ‘Recall’ function on a water bubble, lifting you to the loftier platforms.

Manipulating the Waterwheel with Ultrahand

Once elevated, the Ultrahand tool proves essential. Attach the square components to the adjacent waterwheel. Following this, rotate the waterwheel vigorously, granting it the momentum to sustain its rotation.

  • A picturesque scene unfolds, showcasing a grand waterfall bisecting the view. To its right, Link employs his Ultrahand mechanism, aligning an expansive waterwheel featuring extended rods.
Establishing the Electric Connection

Seize the floating water bubble using Ultrahand, which plays a crucial role in bridging the two electric conductors.

  • The visual illustrates a grand aqua sphere levitating over a crimson circle, illuminated by the Ultrahand’s green hue. Electric wires approach the sphere from both sides.
Activating the Water Wheel and Retracing Steps

Lastly, harness Sidon’s unique power to set the water wheel in motion. After this achievement, descend to the location where you previously confronted the fiery foe.

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Unlocking the Final Water Valve

Ascending through the Flame’s Remnants

Utilize the ‘Ascend’ ability to propel yourself upwards through the spot where the fiery enemy once stood. Upon emerging, brace yourself. Constructs and chuchus anticipate your arrival, ready to impede your progress.

Cleaning the Rotating Mechanism

After ensuring the area is devoid of threats, turn your attention to the water bubbles. Use them effectively to clear the gunk enveloping the revolving edifice.

water temple tears of the kingdom valve 4

Creating a Vantage Point and Aiming for the Switch

Survey the surroundings and gather available materials. Construct a tall vantage platform adjacent to the rotating structure. From this heightened position, launch yourself into a glide. Mid-flight, draw your bow and zero in on the switch nestled within the structure. The world around you seems to decelerate, offering ample time to land a precise shot on the switch.

  • Visual Reference: Link, donning the Zoroa armor, confidently stands juxtaposed to a rotating apparatus. This scene is embellished by a towering edifice, crafted from Zonai platforms, with a stone plaque labeled “Tears of the Kingdom”.
Acquiring the Hidden Treasure

Venture to the northern extremity of the erstwhile water-filled basin, now devoid of liquid. Here, a chest awaits, containing a gleaming opal.

Engaging the Final Valve

With the water drained, the water wheel emerges from its submerged state. As you’ve done before, summon Sidon’s specialized ability. Engage with the wheel, setting into motion the mechanism to activate the fourth and final valve.

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Confronting Mucktorok: Guardian of the Water Temple


Initiating the Battle

Upon descending to the temple’s heart, an altar beckons. Engage with it, and watch as water currents purge the lingering muck. Disturbingly, from this mire, the grotesque Mucktorok emerges, awaiting your challenge.

  • Visual Description: Mucktorok, a violet cephalopod fiend, boasts two dominant yellow eyes, vicious teeth, and a scaly exterior. The tagline reads, “Scourge of the Water Temple — Mucktorok”.
Understanding Mucktorok’s Tactics

Mucktorok’s attack strategies are predictable. Primarily, it assumes a muddy, shark-like guise. Counter this by deploying Sidon’s cleansing water prowess. This mucky shark releases energy beams and ground-hugging waves. Thanks to reduced gravity, evading these becomes a mere leap.

Stripped of its mud armor, Mucktorok becomes vulnerable. Strike swiftly. When it flees, incapacitate it with well-aimed arrows. Repeat until it’s down to half its vitality.

Navigating the Mid-Battle Chaos

The tides turn when Mucktorok reaches its halfway health mark. It spews mud at an alarming rate. This outpace even Sidon’s clearing speed, underscoring the value of stockpiled splash fruits. Use Sidon’s prowess and these fruits to maintain a clear battleground.

Harness the Zonai hydrant’s potential by fusing it with your gear. This creates a potent “accursed hydrant fusion”, rapidly purging muck. Locate the Zonai hydrant capsules en route to the Water Temple on Wellspring Island. Even better, combine a Zonai hydrant with a Zonai homing cart, effectively creating an autonomous mud-clearing device. Caution: Zonai tech drains energy and demands recharging intervals.

With its mucky shield washed off, Mucktorok leaps between mud pools, complicating your arrow shots. Minimizing mud pools restricts its movement, presenting clearer shot opportunities.

  • Visual Context: As Link aims, Mucktorok, down to a third of its health, attempts evasion against a starlit backdrop.
Sealing the Victory

To heighten accuracy, we infused our arrows with Keese eyes, ensuring homing capabilities. With successive strikes, Mucktorok’s resistance wanes, leading to its downfall.

With Mucktorok vanquished, a celestial Heart Container descends. Claim it and conclude the “Sidon of the Zora” mission. Kudos!

Embark on the “Regional Phenomena” quest next, should other regions beckon your exploration.

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In “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” the Water Temple stands as a testament to both the beauty and challenges of the game. This guide provides players with comprehensive details on navigating the temple’s intricate puzzles, locating chests, and, importantly, defeating the formidable Mucktorok boss. It’s evident from this walkthrough that each task, whether it’s opening a valve or employing Sidon’s unique water abilities, plays a pivotal role in unlocking the next stage. Julia Lee’s detailed and illustrative guide ensures that players not only gain an understanding of what’s required but can also strategize their moves effectively. The Water Temple’s completion marks not just the end of a significant chapter in Link’s adventure but also offers the exhilarating satisfaction that comes with overcoming such intricate challenges.

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1. What is the main objective of the Water Temple?

The primary goal in the Water Temple is to open the four water valves to wash away the sludge and then defeat the Mucktorok boss to complete the “Sidon of the Zora” quest line.

2. Do I need to unlock the valves in any specific order?

No, the valves can be unlocked in any order, even though they’re listed from left to right in the guide.

3. How can I reach the Water Temple?

To access the Water Temple, you’ll first need to complete the “Sidon of the Zora” quest from Zora’s Domain. After unclogging the Ancient Zora Waterworks, travel to Wellspring Island in the sky.

4. What items are recommended before entering the Water Temple?

It’s suggested to have food, splash fruit, and arrows on hand before venturing into the temple.

5. What is the Mucktorok boss’s primary attack strategy?

Mucktorok, in its shark form, primarily attacks with beams and waves that are low to the ground. During the second half of the fight, it starts spitting mud everywhere, making the arena harder to navigate.

6. How can I effectively clean up the mud during the Mucktorok boss fight?

Sidon’s water abilities and splash fruit can help you clean up the mud. Using a Zonai hydrant fused to your weapon or shield creates a cleansing hydrant fusion to clean the area quickly. The Zonai devices will consume battery power and need time to recharge.

7. Is there a way to enhance my arrows during the Mucktorok boss fight?

Yes, attaching Keese eyes to your arrows will make them home in on the Mucktorok, making it easier to stun and attack the boss.

8. Are there any rewards after defeating the Mucktorok boss?

After defeating the Mucktorok, a Heart Container will fall from the sky. This also marks the completion of the “Sidon of the Zora” quest line.

9. What’s next after completing the Water Temple?

Once done with the Water Temple, you can proceed with the “Regional Phenomena” quest, especially if you have other locations left to explore.

10. How can I get the Zonai hydrant capsule for the Mucktorok fight?

You should find at least one Zonai hydrant capsule on your journey to the Water Temple on Wellspring Island.

Hope this article helps you learn about how to access the Water Temple Tears of the Kingdom. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.
Happy Gaming!!!

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