Group Chat Kik: Why can’t I join Groups on KIK [FIXED]

If you can’t join Kik groups and are struggling to access group chat on Kik, this guide aims to assist you in resolving these issues. Kik’s latest update includes a feature that facilitates joining group chats. You can engage in these groups by either clicking on the group link, scanning the group’s code, or getting an invite from an existing member. Nonetheless, if you still can’t join Kik groups using these methods, it’s important to consider several potential factors that might be causing this problem.

In this article, we’ll walk you through various strategies to help you regain access to Kik group chats.

Group Chat Kik Why can't I join Groups on KIK

What is the Group Chat Feature on Kik

Kik has added a new group chat feature to its app. Now, you can join a group chat in different ways. You can scan a group’s Kik code, click on a group link, or get added by someone already in the group. For public groups, you can even search and join them directly.

But, if you’re having trouble joining a group on Kik, a few things might be causing the problem. You might be using the wrong group key, or there could be issues with the Kik app or your device that are stopping you from joining.

In the next parts of this guide, we’ll show you different ways to fix these problems. This will help you join Kik group chats without any trouble.

Step-by-Step Guide to Regain Access to Kik Group Chats

  1. Force Close Kik: Have trouble joining Kik groups? It could be a temporary app glitch. Try force-closing the app. The steps vary for iPhone and Android. But it usually means quitting the app from your recent apps list or device settings.
  2. Reinstall Kik:  If force closing Kik doesn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. This can fix software issues that block you from joining group chats.
  3. Restart Your Device:  After reinstalling Kik, restart your device. This helps it recognize the new changes to the app and can fix small software issues.
  4. Update Kik: If you’re using an outdated version of Kik, it’s crucial to update it. Check the App Store or Google Play Store to ensure you have the latest version of Kik installed.
  5. Create a New Account: If previous steps don’t yield results, consider creating a new Kik account. Sometimes, issues linked to your existing account can prevent you from joining group chats, and a new account can be a workaround.
  6. Log Out and Back Into Kik: Kik doesn’t have a traditional log-out feature. However, you can log out by resetting the app. Remember, this will delete all your messages, so back up any important conversations beforehand.
  7. Check for a Device Ban: Worried about a device ban on Kik? Contact Kik support. They can clarify and help you out.
  8. Use a Different Device or VPN: Think your device is banned on Kik? You can use another device or a VPN. Changing your IP address might bypass the ban.
  9. Clear the App’s Cache: Clear Kik’s cache for better performance. It helps with sluggishness and other operational issues.
  10. Check Kik Server Status: Check the Down Detector to see if Kik has widespread issues. This might affect your group chat access.
  11. Switch from Wi-Fi to Data: Internet connection issues can impede app functionality. Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data to see if it resolves the problem.
  12. Reach Out to Kik Support: If you’ve tried all the above and still face issues, contacting Kik’s support team at is your next best step. They can offer specific help tailored to your situation.

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Your ability to join and enjoy group chats on Kik is essential to your experience with the app. If you’re facing challenges in this area, the solutions provided here should assist you in troubleshooting and resolving these issues, allowing you to fully engage with your Kik community.

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